Cancun Beaches

With close to 14 miles (22 KM) of beaches, Cancun’s coastline is filled to brim with a large selection of hotels and the tourists staying within. The northside beaches offer tranquil waters suitable for swimming and child safety, while eastside beaches appeal more to the surfer crowd.

In general, the farther east you travel into the Cancun Hotel Zone, the more turquoise the watercolor becomes. Most hotels in the zone are located directly on the beach and offer easy guest access. Nearby parking is also readily available throughout the most popular areas.

Crystal-clear waters, spotless white sands are the main attractions. Beachgoers can also be found paddle boarding, kayaking, parasailing, along with snorkeling and scuba diving in coral reef areas.

If you’re looking for a perfect Caribbean beach with a typical Las Vegas entertainment experience, then Cancun is the place for you. High-end hotel and all-inclusive resorts are found everywhere the eyes can see, as are restaurants with both indoor and outdoor spaces.


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