Cenote Azul

Making up just a tiny portion of the 100s of miles of underground river network of the Maya Riviera, this open water Cenote is one of the best places to come and relax with the family.

The crystal clear waters of Cenote Azul (Blue Cenote) can be enjoyed by everyone, as it is shallow in many places, which makes it easily accessible for kids.

Cenote Attraction

For those who decide to snorkel there is a diversity of fish in many sizes, and you can even peak into some of the caves below the surface. There is also a relatively small cliff jump, which people can take advantage of if they wish, as parts of the pool do go much deeper.

Visitors who would prefer to sit and relax in the pool can still get the best from what this Cenote has to offer. The water is fresh and clear, and there are even tiny fish, which nip at your feet. This might sound strange, but as the fish suck, it actually cleans your skin! Think it of an underwater spa treatment! Apart from being a little bit ticklish, it is definitely worth enjoying the experience and letting the fish come to you. Or on the other hand, if you don’t like this, you can easily swim away!

Cenote Amentities

There are bathrooms on site, and there is even a small shop nearby where visitors can buy snacks.

Travel Tips

Because this Cenote is quite popular, it should be noted that it can get crowded around peak times, so if you fancy a quiet dip, it is probably worth heading there early.

How to Get There

Cenote Azul is one of the most accessible places to get to with regular public transportation options heading to the Cenote from Playa del Carmen.


Entrance fees into Cenote Azul seem on a slide scale with 70-100 Pesos ($4-5 USD) being the most common price, but there are other mentions of the fee being $7-8 which is still well worth the trip consider how close it is to Playa del Carmen.


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