Casa Cenote

The natural subterranean sinkholes (or Cenotes), which are hidden all over Yucatan Peninsula are truly remarkable, and Casa Cenote is no exception. Located just 10 km north of Tulum and connected to the Riviera Maya, this Cenote is a hidden paradise.

Cenote Attaction

Above water, this open-air Cenote is surrounded by trees, plant life and vines, which gives visitors a glimpse of the tropical wonderland that awaits.

Casa CenoteHowever, the real beauty here is experienced below the surface. The water is crystal clear and has rich algae and minerals, which nourish the skin. As you dive below this gives you the opportunity to see the aquatic landscape that is teeming with life. Casa Cenote is home to much small fish, underwater plant life and algae, and you can even see the roots of mangroves.

Cenote Caves

Even more impressive though are the many outstanding caves that have been carved by water processes over thousands of years, and many of these are hidden in the wilderness, and can only be seen below the surface.

Cenote Exploration

Casa Cenote isn’t just good for swimmers but is even better for those who want to snorkel due to the diverse ecosystems underwater. However, options don’t end there as many people paddleboard or even kayak in the Cenote.

Tour Pricing

Entrance fees into Casa Cenote are only $50 pesos ($3 USD), making it one of the cheapest out there.

Important Notes

Try not to put on sun cream or moisturizer on before entering the cenote, as the lotion will runs into the pool and create a film on top of the clean water.

When you’re done in the water and want to play in the sun, the do definitely put it on as you’ll need it when laying under the Mexican sun.


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