Cenote Zacil-ha

This cenote is so miraculous; it almost looks like a purposely built swimming pool right in the middle of the forest.

It is, in fact, a natural sinkhole, which connects to an underground river network of other caves nearby. Freshwater from these subsurface areas in the infused the cenote as clean and fresh water.

Cenote Attraction

In the pool, there are a variety of opportunities to make the most of your swim. There are two platforms where you can jump into the water, and there’s even a zip line!

The water is crystal clear and refreshing and is very clean. There is also some amazing wildlife in the trees surrounding the Cenote, as bluebirds and other precious birds are often seen fluttering nearby.

The area itself is well maintained and at times can seem just as clean as the water. Being that it’s still relatively unknown and not super touristy, it can be busy at times. If you want the pool all to yourself, it’s best to get there early.

Cenote Food

Visitors can buy food and drinks and can also rent snorkels or life jackets if needed.


Entrances fees are very cheap at 50 pesos ($3 USD).


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