Cenote Dos Ojos

Cenote Dos Ojas, (or two eyed Cenote) is one of the acred wells’, that anyone with scuba diving experience will NOT want to miss. The extensive underground rivers and interlinking tunnels that lie within this extensive 82 kilometer long cave system are spectacular.

There are 28 sinkhole entrances in total, but it is commonly known as Cenote Dos Ojas, (two eyed Cenote) because two of the main sinkholes extend more than 70 metres in diameter, and connect to a 400 meter underground passage. Because of the natural light here, the water is crystal clear, which gives divers clear visibility as they explore the depths of this region and its unbelievable beauty.

For advanced divers who are extremely adventurous, Cenote Dos Ojos also contains he pit,’ which is the deepest known cave passage in the whole of Quintana Roo descending to as low as 119 meters. Although people have dived into this cave tunnel, it can be dangerous, and only those with Advanced Open Water certification are allowed to dive in this area.

But for anyone who’s needs are far more recreational, and even for those who have no diving certificate, have no fear! One of the most popular tours that can be taken through Cenote Dos Ojos is the snorkeling tour, for which no certificates are needed!

During this tour individuals get to swim through the clear and fresh 25 degree C water and take in the beauty of the caves. Even more exciting, those on the snorkeling tour also get to see the bat cave, which is teaming with life.

Admission into Cenote Dos Ojos is $100 pesos, although the cost of diving and snorkeling tours may vary. To avoid any confusion or surprises its worth research before going to see which tour best suits you.


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