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Here we cover some on first sight less important things you should know before you land in Italy. Most of travelers think of more pleasing matters like where to stay and what you’re going to do and what you’re going to eat. Those are the amusing things.

We sometimes forget that there are some more tedious things you need to know. You should know things about money matters, currency, do you need visa, how tipping works, appropriate clothing to wear and many more.

To make that stuff easy for you, I’ve prepared this essential information covering all those things and more.

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A Brief Guide To Milan Tourist Information For Visitors

While planning your trip to Milan sometimes small fundamental details, can be of priority importance, we sometimes try to minimize, leaving behind as less important forgetting they can ruin our whole trip.

Passports and Visas

If you are citizen of USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia you will need a current passport. You don’t need visa if you’re staying less than six months (180 days). Don’t forget to control the date of validity of the passport (before you go) and that it won’t expire on your vacation.

If you’re a legal resident in one of European Union countries, you only need a national identity card, however, it’s always a good practice to travel with a passport.For your security (you never know) – Make as a minimum two photocopies of your traveling documents , better digitally and store them on your computer or phone.

Read more about Milan security issue.

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Health Issues

Milan Tourist Info

Entering in Italy you don’t need any inoculations or vaccinations, unless you are coming from countries which are on the list of infected by an epidemic disease. Italy has an excellent medical service, by many the best in Europe. However, sometimes it’s difficult to find English-speaking doctors in some areas of Italy.

Most cities and resorts offer a medical service for tourists so-called guardia medica turistica (tourist medical guard).

Important Milan tourist information

If you happen to be in Milan, the International Health Center (Tel. +39 02 7634 0720) has a number of English-speaking medical specialists.

In case you need a doctor or a specialist, you may need to pay an initial registration fee (around €12) plus a fee for each visit, which may amount approximately from €40-200.

Note that you’re normally expected to settle the bill in cash immediately after treatment, even if you have health insurance. (It’s important to keep all medical receipts, as these can be refunded from your health insurance.)

Electrical Appliances In Italy

Milan Tourist Info

Italy operates on a 220-volt 50-hertz electrical service. It means that your small electrical appliances like hair dryer, shaver and other small electrical devices will need transformers and plug adapters.

Question<: I’m going to a 220v area. Do I need a converter from 220 to 110 type applications?

Answer: You have to distinguish terms, plug adapters and electricity converter.

The first are the interfaces between the American flat-pronged plug and Italy’s two (or three) round-prong socket. The second are converting the electricity (voltage converter) from 220 volts in Italy to the American 110 volts.

Check the electrical info tag on your equipment or power cord. If it says something like this — Input: AC100-240 V 50/60Hz 15VA-20VA — then you’re all set if not…

What Can You Bring Into Italy

Milan Tourist Info

Like in every country, Italy has some strict regulations of what can be brought into and what you can bring back home with you. Most regulations refer to some kind of food products and plants, but generally you can take with you some Milan specialties, and yummy Milan Panettone isn’t on forbidden list (see the image above).

The only problem is, you have to be around Christmas time in Milan.

What Can You Take Home?

Always check how much wine, spirits and tobacco products you are allowed to bring back or it can be confiscated on your way back. For EU citizens, the rules are more milder and you are allowed to bring back whatever you want as long as it’s for personal use.

For other countries, check before you leave:

I hope these Milan tourist information will be useful for every travelers who is planning to visit Milan and Italy for the first time.