Milan Nightlife: Entry Fees & Drink Prices at Top Clubs

Free club entrance Milan is scarce with cover charges ranging from 10-20€, and the average bar price in top clubs is around 7-8€ per drink. Although Milan offers various options for nightclubs, you have to pay to enter most of them with a single drink sometimes being included in the admission price.

Drink Prices

In the majority of dance clubs, the cost of a drink is about 7-8 € and several clubs have launched a ‘pay as you leave system’. You’ll receive a ticket at the door that you can use for the wardrobe and it permits you to buy drinks and food.

Do not lose this ticket because the fine is very high.

In general, the more popular the nightlife at a particular place in Milan, the more expensive it will be.


This is an extremely large venue and one of the most famous clubs in Milan. The entrance fee is normally 20 € but some special evenings have an even higher price.


Located on Via Bligny 52, you’ll find the entry fee to be 10-15 € and it’s open 5 days a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, it offers Latin music and is probably the best Latin American clubs in Milan.

Plastic Club

Considered one of the most popular Milanese clubs with an entry fee of 15 € that includes a drink. They offer commercial music and the hottest hits of the moment, but some do call it a gay disc.

Free Club Entrance

A few clubs in Milan do free admission, but there are not too many which are both good or popular.

Loolapaloosa Disco

Located in Corso Como One it is one the best free discos and is a very busy place, loved by the city’s young people. It also has some flexible customs like allowing dancing on the bar counter and on the tables.

Old Fashion Club

Is free for women on Mondays only from 08.00 pm (aperitif time) until 01.00 am.