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Visit Milan in May: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear

You can not go wrong visiting Milan in Maggio. Spring is in the full swing, May days are longer and longer, sunny days more and more frequent. Undoubtedly, this is my favorite month. It’s a great joy to visit Milan in this month. Temperatures are getting higher and higher and compering with Milan in April, city life tends to move in the open spaces of the city, restaurants, bars, or in one of the many beautiful parks.


Comparing the average daily temperature with April (around 12,5 °C), in May the average temperature oscillates around 18,5 °C and it goes up to 24 °C. One of the peculiarities of the weather in May is, an extremely varied climate.

What’s about rain? In this month possibility of rain is less possible than in April but morning temperatures are rather low around 13 °C. Milan generally has an average rainfall of nearly 72mm and number of rainy days are approximately near 12 days throughout this month. In May there is 43% chance of a rainy day.

What’s about sunshine hours? In this month you can count on an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day. I do remind you that May can be surprisingly hot (like May in 2018) when temperatures went up to 28 °C. From my personal experience May has a perfect climate, neither too cold not too hot.

What to Pack

It would be advisable before you start packing to take a look, day before you leave, at Italian weather forecast. You can check (only in Italian) or Milan BBC Weather. Don’t take for granted for temperature range rather than Italian weather forecasts, sometimes too guesstimates.

Spring Wear

If I were you, I would bring a warmer layer just in case. Things like shirts/tops of various sleeve length and weight, one outer something like a cardigan or lightweight jacket, a couple pair of comfortable walking shoes, will be all you need.

Don’t leave a light rain jacket because in May you will almost certainly have some rain in Milan. So called K-way jacket that folds into a tiny pouch is very practical. A small travel umbrella, does not take up too much space but it’s a ‘must have’ while walking around Milan.

Visit Milan in May: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear
K-way rain jacket
Visit Milan in May: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear
Man K-way jacket
Visit Milan in May: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear
Travel umbrella
Visit Milan in May: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear
Women cardigan


Almost all events in May take place in outdoor environments. The numerous beautiful Milan parks and banks of Naviglio canal are the most frequented places. Here are some most important festivals and events that happen each May in Milan.

Labor Day

May 1st

This is a national holiday in Italy know as Primo Maggio or Festa dei Lovoratori (Labor Day). If you happen to be in Milan on this day, you’ll find almost all restaurants, shops and museums will be closed.This is a day of traditional trade-union manifestations and city center (Duomo Square) will be rather crowded.

Usually Italians take so called a long weekend (it depends when 1st May falls). In 2019 it falls on Wednesday that isn’t so convenient. I suggest to take a day trip to Come Lake as one of the most popular destinations.

Orticola Flower Show

Since 1996 this traditional Milan Flower Show on 10, 11, 12 May 2019 will take place at Indro Montanelli’s Gardens, among locals better known as Giardini di Porta Venezia.

Visit Milan in May: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear
Milan Flower Show on 10, 11, 12 May 2019 from 09:30 AM to 07:30 PM at the Indro Montanelli Garden

This flower show has become of the most important Italian flowers show for national and international specialized exhibitors. It’s main goal is to proceed to greening the city that has been going on for the last 23 years. The entrance is free! Find out more about this show here!

Grand Naviglio Art Show

Naviglio Grande has been always a special place for all kind of exhibitions but it takes a special charm during this art show. Two kilometers of art along the banks of the Naviglio Grande is the best place or art lovers.

Visit Milan in May: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear

It takes place in May on first Sunday (last was at May 6th) and entrance is free. Painters, sculptors, photographers will exhibit their works to win the final prize, the Arte Naviglio Award. To check the exact date of this manifestation visit this website!

What to Do

In May, there are plenty of things to do in Milan, but there are some unique events like the Botanical Treasure Hunt and International Furniture Expo.

Cortili Aperti

Milan is a city of many hidden beauties that an ordinary visitor has no chance to see. Once a year, on last Sunday of May (this year 2018 it was on 27th) the free event called ‘Cortili Aperti’ (Open gardens) has reached the twenty-fifth edition.

Visit Milan in May: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear

If you happen to be in Milan on that day, Cortili Aperti opens the doors of the private historical palaces of Corso Venezia street, taking visitors to discover their fascinating and unknown gardens. The entrance to the courtyards is free and an infopoint will be active all day (from 10 AM to 18 PM) in the courtyard of Casa Fontana Silvestri, in Corso Venezia 10. Find it on the map!

Each year there are 10 hidden palaces and courtyards of Milan. You can take part of organized tours, at a cost of 20 Euro to discover the most fascinating secrets of the Milanese gardens.

Milano Food Week

Visit Milan in May: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear

In the mid of May (2018 edition was from 05 to 13 of May), Milan devotes one full week to the world of food on the occasion of Milano Food Week Festival. This was a second edition of this festival where the city features a rich program of events among gourmet aperitif, cooking demos, innovative workshops, meetings and tastings.

At the various points in the city will be organized different kitchens dedicated to food lovers like City Kitchen, Smart Kitchen, Lifestyle Kitchen, Healthy Points, Home Kitchen, Student Kitchen and Public Kitchen.

Some of the events are free of charge but you should check the website for more detailed information on the different events and the definite date of this week long festival in 2019 –

Day Tours

If you are planning to visit Milan in May, taking a half or full day excursion in the neighborhood of Milan will enhance your stay in this city. I have carefully chosen three short trips that incorporate beauties of Northern Italy lakes and the Alps: