MilanTransportAirportsMalpensaMilan Road Trips from Malpensa Airport: Day Tour Itinerary

Milan Road Trips from Malpensa Airport: Day Tour Itinerary

Renting a car from Malpensa is perfect for visiting Lake Como and the Italian Lakes District, as it’s close to both Milan and Northern Italy. Starting your travel planning from Malpensa airport will give you countless opportunities to discover this wonderfully scenic region.

Italian Lakes District

The Italian Lakes District, between Milan and the Alps, is a favorite tourist destination for many travelers. Anyone looking for a romantic place to settle for a few days can be easily reached. The most popular lake s are Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, as well as the smaller lake of Orta, west of Lake Maggiore and Lugano lake are well worth a visit.

This region has been inspiring folks for centuries, particularly those looking for more romantic settings as couples celebrating an anniversary, birthday or newly engaged. Crystal clear lakes, alpine views, charming villages and picture-perfect settings are all the northern Italian lake district offers.


Here’s my recommended travel itinerary to the North Italy lakes region. On the map bellow I’ve indicated four lakes and their position in relation to Malpensa airport.

Three lakes, Lake Maggiore, Orta and Lugano (across the border in Switzerland) are closer to your incoming Malpensa airport. The only one, Lake Como is 85 km from the airport. For the first lap I propose to visit Lake Maggiore and Lugano lake. You can always jump to Orta lake, as it’s very close to its big brother, Maggiore lake

Milan Malpensa airport car hire will give you an opportunity to visit all three lakes in two or three days. The first one it will be Maggiore Lake , a hidden gem and one of the Lombardy region’s best kept romantic travel destinations.

Milan Road Trips from Malpensa Airport: Day Tour Itinerary
A view from Mount Mottarone to the Maggiore Lake!

On Maggiore lake your ‘must visit’ village will be Stresa, the most fascinating settlement on the lake. Even the great Ernest Hemingway was delighted by a glorious lake setting, bordered on two sides by the Alps. It was there on convalescent leave. In his ‘Farewell to Arms’ he mentioned this paradise.

If you really want to experience the breathless view, book in Stresa, Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees (Hemingway stayed there).

After three days, you are ready to proceed to your next destination. Lake Como is a romantic getaway one hour from Milan.

Milan Road Trips from Malpensa Airport: Day Tour Itinerary
Como Lake lake-shore promenade

Anyone looking for a romantic place to settle for a day or two should be this lake. If you can afford spend a nigh at Villa d’Este, set right on the shores of the lake and enjoy fine dining, several rejuvenating spa treatments, the classical gardens, and views across the lake.

Don’t misunderstand this as a promotional offer of car hire companies, as my intention is simply a friendly advice, what to do if someone decides to rent to car at MXP airport. It’s quite normal to give you some useful tips about most confident and convenient car hire.