Malpensa Express Train

The name Malpensa Express refers to a train connection that will take you safely and comfortably from Malpensa airport to the city center. According the most travelers reviews, it seems that this service satisfies most of the passengers, with some deficiencies I personally have experienced.


Before any pro and cons consideration about this service, let’s see some introductory facts about this way of traveling from Malpensa airport, the second biggest airport in Italy after Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport.

According the official records this express service links the center of Milan with 146 daily courses (7 of 7 days) with a train every 15 minutes. The service connects all main train stations in Milan:

  • Milano Cadorna station (close to Milan Sforza castle )
  • Porta Garibaldi station
  • Milano Centrale (Main Milan Train Station) – Probably your most interesting point.

Average journey time

  • Airport to Cadorna 43 min.
  • Airport to Centrale 57 min.
  • Fares – 13€ OW, 20€ RT

Direction – Milan Centrale Station

The Malpensa Express leaves from Malpensa Terminal 2 and reaches Milano Centrale with 68 trips a day, from 5.25 AM to 11,25 PM. All trips to and from Milano Centrale also stop at the Milano Porta Garibaldi station.

Direction – Milan Cadorna Station

With 78 daily courses, train connects Malpensa airport (Terminal 1 and 2) with Cadorna station. The first train runs at 04,27 AM and last at 00,20 AM.

Departure Point

All trains start from Malpensa Terminal 2 stopping at Terminal 1 (Read here more about Malpensa Terminals)

How To Find Malpensa Express Train Station?

As soon as you land from your plane, your first thought will be how to get to Milan downtown. If you decide to take the train, don’t worry. It’s easy to notice where is it.

Malpensa Express Train
Signs to the train station at Malpensa airport!

First signs of the train connection welcomes you at the baggage claim hall. Big green and white indicating signs, inform passengers about their train travel options from the airport. It will be present throughout the entire passage from baggage claim hall to train station. You can’t miss it unless you opt for another means of airport transfer.

If you haven’t a train ticket (I suggest to buy one in advance online from here!) than you can use the tickets machines you will see in different places around Malpensa terminal 2. At this point you can face up some difficulties.

Trouble with ticket machines

Malpensa Express Train

It’s nice to use self-service counters as the are fast and safe. But sometimes you can find some unfriendly machines that unfortunately speak only Italian. If you are using credit card, be patient and give some more time to machine to check your card dates. American tourist may find difficulty with ATM cards.

If the machine refuses your way of payments, try to use cash machine (not all machines accept) or try the human staff office.

Don’t forget – wherever you buy your Malpensa Express ticket don’t miss to validate it before you border your train!

While you are heading to Malpensa train station (it’s rather a long passage to get there),at the end you will pass through a huge hall ( Last time I passed there, there was a kind of exposition area) and at the end of it, on your left side you’ll notice two moving staircases (leading to lower level train station platform).

Standing in front of them, on the left there is an tourist office (you can buy a ticket there or ask any other information. It’s always too crowded). On the opposite side (right hand) there is a coffee bar).

Before you step on moving staircases, validate you ticket (two small green machine on both sides). If you are getting to Milan Central Station, take the right staircase and the left one if you need to go to Cadorna Station ( close to Milan Sfoza Castle and metro station n°1 red line to Piazza Duomo).

Malpensa Express Train
The map of Malpensa Express, to get an idea where the train is going to!

Usual Questions Travelers Ask About Malpensa Express

Question- How to get to Como Lake from Malpensa Airport?

Answer – There are several trains you can chose to get to Como lake – station Como S.Giovanni. Some are direct but most are with one changes at Saronno or via Central Station. Travel time goes from 1 hour and 30 min to maximum 1,44. Here you can check Trenord time table!

Malpensa Express Train
Screeshot from Trinord website schedule train with Malpensa Express to Como Lake

Question – How do I travel by train from Malpensa (MXP) airport to Venice?

Answer – It is not possible to travel from Malpensa Aeropor to Venice without having to change trains.You have to change train at Milan Central Station. The average journey time between Malpensa Airport and Venice is 3 hours and 35 minutes and the fastest journey time is 3 hours and 19 minutes. Here you can check timetable of all trains to Venice!