Milan Metro Maps: Lines & How to Get Around Underground

When riding the tube in Milan, take the M2 Green or M3 Yellow for Central Railway Station, and the M1 Red subway for the Malpensa Express. When seeing a soccer game in San Sero, take the M5 Lilac line.


How to get oriented in the Milan metro network? First of all you need the Milan metro map. With four lines and fifth under construction, without one good map, it will be difficult to move among 110 stations.I do agree when using Milan underground network you won’t be able to see anything of the city as the two thirds of lines run underground. But, on the other side, Milan metro is the fastest, the cheapest mean of transportation in Milan.

Metro Lines

The underground network map you will show you not only a grip of network lines (Red, Green, Yellow and Lilac) but also Blue Suburban rail lines (indicating lines to get to Como and Monza) if you are interested to visit them. If you need more info you can download one here or to get even bigger map visiting metro official website.

When visiting Milan for the first time, probably you will not use all four lines. Some of them will be inevitable as they lead to some of most visited city sights. Let’s see on by one:

M1 Red Line

It’s quite normal to start from the oldest one, even it’s not the longest. Built in 1964 this line covers the most important city highlights, including Duomo Square, the core of the city.

Milan Metro Maps: Lines & How to Get Around Underground

If you click the above M1 map you will notice that this line is intersected by two different lines, at Duomo Square by M3 (yellow line) and at Cadorna and at Loreto station by M2(green line).

Perhaps the most important to indicate on this map is Cadorna metro station as it’s also a Malpensa express station for Malpensa airport terminals (1 and 2). Cadorna is also important as from there runs local trains for Come Lake. This station is only two stations from Duomo and practically very close to Sforza Castle.

M2 Green Line

This is the longest metro line inside the network, built in 1969. With 35 metro station it covers the most important city sights. It has also two branches that reach many outside urban zones where is applied extra urban fare. Here you can see all metro fares and tickets!

Milan Metro Maps: Lines & How to Get Around Underground

M2 green line is intersected by M1 (red line) at two stations, Cadorna and Loreto while M3 (yellow line) crosses this line at Centrale station (Main Railway Station). Click to enlarge above M2 Milan metro map to see the most important stations on this line:

  • Lanza – the nearest station for visiting Sempione Park and Sforza Castle. In alternative Moscova station isn’t far away.
  • Cadorna – important intersection of M1 (red line), starting station to Malpensa airport and station for Como Lake.
  • Porta Genova – the nearest station to reach Navigli Milan canal district
  • Assago Milanofiori Forum – station just in front of Forum, an indoor sports and concerts arena with 13.000 seats capacity.

M3 Yellow Line

This is one of the newest metro lines constructed in 2011. It’s only 17 km long but covers some city areas that had not been covered up until then.

Milan Metro Maps: Lines & How to Get Around Underground

This is one of the most beaten metro lines intersected by M1 (red line) and M2 (green line). For the tourists arriving in Milan by train, this line is the shorties way to get to Duomo from Centrale, the main Railway Station. It’s also only one that takes all shopping fans to the heart of the Milan fashion district – Montenapoleone station.

M5 Lilac Line

This one is the newest metro line, terminated in 2015 that finally connects some Milan urban zones that were difficult to reach. It’s fully automated line, only 16 km long.

Milan Metro Maps: Lines & How to Get Around Underground

The lilac line (see the map above) is intersected by three different metro lines:

  • M1 (red) at Lotto station from which you can easily reach Cadorna and Duomo.
  • M2 (green) at Garibaldi Railway station (All trains from Milan to/from Turin run from here).
  • M3 (yellow) at Zara station from which you can get to Central station and Duomo Square.

Parking Spots

One of the problems that Milan is facing daily, is the parking. It’s very difficult and rather frustrating to find a parking place in Milan. If you decide to visit Milan by car, my recommendation is to leave it on one of 22 parking lots. See the map below!

Milan Metro Maps: Lines & How to Get Around Underground

Before taking the Milan underground, find the nearest parking to leave the car. Leaving the car at the Metropolitan lines will have the advantage of being a few steps from the Metro. The most of parking slots are open from 05:30 A.M to 01:00 A.M.