Situated in southern Mexico, Palenque is a city of temples. The ruins date from as early as 226BC to as late the 7th century.

For a long time, the city was shrouded in vegetation, and became swarmed by the jungle of cedar, mahogany and sapodilla trees for centuries. But since its excavation, it is now one of the top destinations to visit within the Chiapas state of Mexico.

Enveloped in mystery and the sounds and smells of the jungle, followed by echos of parrots and monkeys, Palenque is probably one of the best examples of Maya architecture and symbolism.

With a relationship that appears to be almost symbiotic with nature, the city itself is filled with natural wonders, from the many waterfalls that lie along the road to the jungle that grows alongside, and on top of the temples, people who visit will truly have an immersive experience in nature and history.

Palenque itself contains some of the most unique and finely carved architecture and sculptures as well as hieroglyphic inscriptions on many monuments. These have been used to reconstruct many aspects of the temples and monuments within the city.

For anyone who wishes to visit the jungle covered ruins, it is not onlyworth doing, its also completely affordable, with a $27 pesos fee to enter the park and a $57 pesos fee to access the site, it is one of the cheapest day trips available in Chiapas.

If you are not in the area, its quite easy to flow in from Mexico City on interjet to Palenque, which tend to have flights prices around $55 each way.