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Charter Companies w/ Best Yacht Rentals in Playa del Carmen

What better way to explore the beautiful coastline along the Riviera Maya when visiting Playa del Carmen than in a luxury yacht charter? The exquisite boat rentals will allow you to see the true beauty of Quintana Roo while group options can include party boats and or hosting a yacht wedding complete with luxury cabins, elegant dining rooms, and a flybridge Jacuzzi.


Based on an elegant and spacious 40-foot catamaran, Moana’s private charters cater to a variety of special occasions from birthday parties and weddings to romantic proposals and fun days out with friends. This luxurious yacht can accommodate up to 25 people while its friendly, professional crew helps to create a safe, stimulating, and relaxing trip for all on board.

One of the best features of Moana Yacht Rentals is the mouthwatering cuisine. Every meal is prepared by Captain Patrick, who also happens to be a professional French chef. His gourmet dishes ranging from fresh fish and lobster to delicious salads and decadent desserts. You can also pair your plates with fine wines from the well-stocked cellar onboard.

Many Moana guests also rave about snorkeling along the vibrant and amazing coral formations and swimming with sea turtles near Tulum.

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Group Charter

For up to 25 people prices range between $1,400 for a four-hour charter and $1,750 for six hours. An open bar, optional food, and a snorkeling tour are included

Luxury Service

A cozy day trip for up to eight people from $1,400 for four hours or $1,750 for six on luxurious yachts. A premium open bar, a three-course gourmet meal with wine, and a snorkeling tour are included.

Group Sunset Cruise

A minimum of 10 people are required for this private service at $122 each for three hours, while a maximum of 20 are allowed onboard. The price includes an open bar and premium tapas.

Private Sunset Dinner Cruise

A more intimate setting is available for just two people from $1,200, and up to a maximum of 6 with $100 extra per person. A premium open bar and a three-course gourmet meal with wine are included.


If you’re looking for a party boat, then H2OH Sun Cruises, together with their skilled, friendly captain and crew are worth looking into. Since 2012, they have been offering a variety of yacht cruises and private charters of twilight/sunset tours, snorkeling trips along the Inha Reef, and Caribbean-style floating parties at XpuHa and Party Cove.

Optional extras are offered for special occasions like premium alcohol, birthday cakes, private chefs, mariachi bands, resident DJs, professional photo packages, and limo services.

Party Cruises

  • Twilight Night Cocktail Cruise: 2 hours from $899
  • Xpuha + Party Cove: 3 hours from $1,349

Snorkel Cruises

  • Inha: 4 hours from $1,799
  • VIP Inha: 4 hours from $2,199


Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion in Riviera Maya or head out to sea for a fishing adventure, Playa del Carmen Yacht Rentals can help. Their luxurious yacht fleet includes features a variety of vessels that range from 40ft to 100ft and can hold from 40 to 100 passengers. Group yacht options include one that can cater to up to 300 people, while the cheapest yachts above 40ft start around $1,000-$1,200 for 4 hours.

A variety of multi-day luxury yacht charters are available from Yachtflex Luxury Service including overnight stays on Holbox island, and private sailing trips around Tulum. When ordering a luxury yacht rental with large cabins, they usually also include compact galleys (kitchens), televisions, and sound systems. Qualified scuba diving instructors are typically available onboard too.

Yachtflex also has many catamaran sizes, sailboats, speedboats, and other boats to rent for sport fishing, wakeboarding, or visiting the best diving spots near Playa del Carmen.

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Charter Prices

  • Small yacht charters start from around $900 for 4 hours or $1100 for 6.
  • Private charter and overnight stay on Holbox Island start from $1,500 per night on a small sailboat to $25,000 per night on their finest luxury yacht.
  • 120ft large group yachts are perfect for a bachelorette party or any other event with a 60-80 passenger minimum at $90-$100 per person.

Riviera Elite

Located nearby in the Puerto Aventuras Marina, Riviera Elite Private Yacht Charters have offered luxury yacht tours, along with private yacht and catamaran rentals for over 10 years now. Their captains and crews offer exceptional VIP service, together with arranging a private chef or an onboard masseuse

With a wide range of sailing experiences available for most budgets, their private tours range from three-hour cruises along the Riviera Maya coastline to an eight-hour cruise against white-sand beaches and the Tulum ruins.

A wealth of amenities is included on every tour from welcome drinks, fresh fruit, and gourmet snacks to fishing and snorkeling gear, fresh towels, and a full open bar. Private roundtrip transportation can further be arranged for an additional fee.

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Half Day

  • Riviera Maya Cruise: 3 hours from $950
  • Inha Snorkel Tour: 4 hours from $1,200
  • Paamul Bay Tour: 4 hours from $1,200
  • Inha and La Bocana Tour: 5 hours from $1,450

Full Day

  • Playa Palancar Tour: 8 hours) from $2,200
  • Tulum Coast Tour: 8 hours from $2,200

Yachts Cancun

Whether you are looking for a small 35-foot catamaran rental or a 110-foot superyacht for a multiday adventure, these privately owned boats provide plenty of options. Through Yachts Cancun Luxury Charters you can also book luxury scuba-diving charters, fishing boat rentals, a graduation/bachelor party, romantic sunset dinner tours, or a grand yacht wedding. A bilingual valet is also on hand to offer you five-star service.

You’ll enjoy five-star services on your luxury yacht charter from chef-driven and catered food. All rental options are stocked with snorkeling masks and fins for exploring the secluded bays and crystalline waters of the Mexican Caribbean near Playa del Carmens. Jet ski rentals are also available upon request.

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Rental Tips

For a hassle-free and safe trip, follow these tips when renting a large motor yacht or a hiring private yacht tour during your Playa del Carmen vacation.

What to Bring

Always ask your yacht rental company about any items that you will need to bring on your boat trip. Depending on the size of the yacht, they may or may not freely offer equipment like high-quality snorkeling gear, fishing rods, live bait, or beach towels.

Biodegradable Sunscreen

Most Playa del Carmen yacht rentals will have a strict policy on sunscreen usage. This is due to harmful ingredients they can include such as PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid), octinoxate, oxybenzone, 4-methyl benzylidene, camphor, and butylparaben.

Build up of these chemicals kill reef coral, damages sea urchin immune and reproductive systems, decreases fish reproduction, causes growth defects in mussels, and inhibits algae growth that marine life feeds on.

Biodegradable sunscreen that is clearly labeled reef-safe or coral-safe may be allowed, with brands like Raw Element, Sun Bun, Badger, Hawaiian Tropical, and Caribbean Sol selling them.

Boat License

The marine coast guard is known to check yachts and boats nearby to ensure their tour operating licenses are up to date. Similar to private jet flights, by asking for proof upfront, you can the risk of the tour being stopped and all passengers escorted back to land.

Rental Contract

Always ask for copies of yacht rental contracts and read them thoroughly before booking any tour package, Make sure they include the exact vessel name you are renting and full tour details. Also double-check the fine print for any changes in prices, dates, and what happens if the yacht your booked is suddenly no longer available. Inclement weather and unforeseen maintenance issues can happen, so you will need how they might affect your booking.

Booking Changes

Like with any tour or car rental in Playa del Carmen, you will want to make sure that you are getting what you paid for. When buying your tour through an agent on Quinta Avenida, they may or may not have direct booking access. This could mean that you are grouped into a package of whatever boats are available on the day of your tour, which may differ greatly from what you’ve been told.

The best way to avoid this problem is to book with a yacht rental agency that offers a refund amount related to minor changes in booking vessels or travel itineraries. A full money-back guarantee is not common, but the bigger the booking company is, the more clout it will have to make sure its clients are fully satisfied.