Best Hotels in Tulum: Where Bohemian Jungle Meets Comfort

From bed and breakfasts to boutique hotels, grand hotels, and all-inclusive resorts there are numerous options to book hotels in Tulum. Many of the smaller options still offer an outdoor pool, while resorts with beach bungalows might have their private pools.


The lodging landscape here lets you hang your hat in the bustling heart of Tulum town or seek solace in the Hotel Zone along the iconic Tulum beach. Once the Maya Train and New Tulum Airport start operations, there will no more to take the ADO bus from Playa del Carmen or use Cancun as an alternative airport.

Tulum Pueblo

The city’s Heartbeat, also known as Tulum Centro is where budget meets boutique. The convenience of air conditioning is pretty standard here, but the real charm lies in the authentic Mexican restaurants, electric nightclubs, and laid-back bars that dot its streets. For those itching for something a tad unconventional, the outskirts of Centro will oblige with its jungle niches boasting rustic hideouts that even contain snug guesthouses and traditional huts.

Zona Hotelera

Luxe by the Beach can be found the Tulum’s Hotel Zone. This strip celebrates decadence, often manifested in boutique hotels with a private beach and sparkling swimming pools. Interestingly, it’s segmented into three distinct zones. The North, a stone’s throw from the Tulum ruins, exudes serenity for lovebirds looking for things to do. The Middle is your go-to for chic vibes complete with beach clubs, eclectic restaurants, and a pulsating nightlife. Down South, and particularly around the “Esmeralda K” area, it’s all about families.


Hidden affordable treasures can be found in the pockets of the Tulum City Center and beach zone. Many budget Tulum hotels have an outdoor swimming pool or private terraces, alongside their intimate settings.

Posada 06

Budget, but not basic. Nestled right in the Centro’s pulse, Hotel Posada 06 is an unassuming gem. It might be a boutique hotel, but its quaint charm, limited to just twelve rooms, guarantees intimacy. Forget the hustle outside; here, tranquility reigns. Visualize relaxing in an outdoor tub on your private terrace or sipping a cold one at the rooftop lounge. Their solarium, veiled by the jungle’s lush green, with a serpentine pool, promises the calm every traveler seeks.

Huaya Camp

Luxury in full Tulum style. Think of Huaya Camp as Tulum’s tribute to nature, tradition, and modern comfort. Set in Centro, it redefines glamping. Each yurt, an epitome of simplicity, flaunts decor inspired by Mayan craftsmanship. The outdoor pool and private outdoor showers ensure you’re never too far from nature. To truly resonate with the local ethos, the camp offers treatments and tours steeped in the region’s rich culture and history.

Casa Almendro

Tranquility in Centro, If there’s one place that encapsulates Tulum’s laid-back Caribbean essence, it’s Casa Almendro. This guesthouse is a testament to sustainable tourism with its eight meticulously designed rooms. Every corner speaks of the locale, from handcrafted furnishings by local artisans to terraces made from indigenous wood. And when hotel guests decide to step out, Tulum Pueblo’s finest restaurants and shops are but a leisurely stroll away.


Set a stone’s throw from the bustling main artery of Tulum Pueblo, Quintana Roo, Teetotum Hotel is a sanctuary where authenticity echoes in every corner. The magic lies in the intricate details, ranging from the handcrafted décor to the burst of local flavors found in the chef’s signature dishes. Guests can anticipate a sojourn that resonates with individuality and authenticity here, courtesy of pristine rooms showcasing sleek, minimalist aesthetics. With a vibrant restaurant and a sanctuary-like spa to unwind in, not to forget its unbeatable proximity to Tulum’s best offerings.


A visual and sensory delight, this exquisite compound houses eighty-four lavish apartments. Each unit boasts modern amenities like a comfortable king-size bed, a well-equipped kitchen, and a private balcony. It’s situated at an arm’s distance from the vibrant restaurant scene of Tulum downtown. Perhaps, the crown jewel of Xperience Hotel Tulum is its breathtaking pool, a pioneer in the region, accentuated with majestic twelve-foot waterfalls. Here, guests can bask under the sun, enveloped by the unmatched beauty of the surrounding jungle.

Casa Santiago

A small yet enchanting property, opens its doors to a realm where elegance meets intimacy, offering merely six refined rooms. Hotel Casa Santiago Tulum is nestled in the tranquil residential precinct of La Veleta, It beckons guests to reconnect with their inner selves amidst the lush backdrop of the jungle and Mother Nature. Whether it’s through yoga sessions, quiet meditation, a refreshing dip in the natural pool, or a soul-cleansing session in a Temazcal (Mayan sauna), the opportunities to rejuvenate are endless. The hotel harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings, thanks to local wood furnishings, a soothing rainfall shower, and a serene outdoor patio.


When seeking out a Tulum hotel on your vacation, sometimes it pays to get an upgrade so you can enjoy the comforts of having your own private pool, an on-site spa and wellness center, or just being steps away from white sand beaches.

Tiki Tiki

Encapsulating luxury amidst the verdant jungles surrounding Tulum Pueblo, Hotel Tiki Tiki Tulum emerges as an award-winning boutique property that promises more than just a stay. Featuring fifteen bedrooms designed with a contemporary nod to the 1950s Miami style, the hotel exudes an air of nostalgia coupled with modern elegance. The vicinity of the area’s top-notch restaurants, shops, and attractions is an added feather in its cap. Within its realm, guests can expect spacious rooms that open to a private, shady terrace, complete with a hammock for those quiet moments of reflection, not forgetting the direct access to the refreshing garden and pool area.


In the vibrant heartbeat of Tulum Pueblo, Aloft by Marriott presents a contemporary haven adorned with loft-inspired rooms that boast cutting-edge technology and amenities. The urban chic ambiance does not compromise comfort, striving to offer guests a stay where ease meets elegance. Whether it’s the rooftop infinity pool that offers respite or the 24/7 fitness center catering to your fitness regime, Aloft ensures your lifestyle needs are catered to impeccably. For culinary and musical delights, the WXYZ Restaurant and Atico Rooftop Bar & Lounge beckon with their tantalizing cocktails, delicious meals, and performances by local musicians.


A perfect blend of sophistication with a touch of simplicity, it draws its essence from the enveloping nature. The rooms in Era Hotel Tulum Spa, are bathed in a minimalist aura, and feature a harmonious blend of sleek exposed concrete and earthy embellishments. Nestled amidst the verdant jungles near Tulum Centro, a stay here promises rejuvenation for the body and soul. Whether you fancy a spa treatment, a serene yoga session, or perhaps a quiet moment by the swimming pool or sauna, this hotel is a haven for souls longing for a rendezvous with nature.


Where luxury intertwines with intimacy. Imagine social spaces that exude warmth, oceanfront cabins that whisper tales of the sea, treehouse guest rooms that take you closer to the stars, and all of these stationed right on Tulum Beach. Alaya Tulum is positioned gracefully between the thicket of the jungle and the expanse of the beach, Alaya isn’t just an advocate for environmental sustainability, but it’s a beacon of wellness. For those seeking solace or perhaps a wellness retreat, it’s an unparalleled destination. The rooms serenade the sea, many even boasting serene private decks, creating an immersive space where you truly become one with the world outside.

Jungle Lodge

A distinct jungle haven located a mere 20 minutes north of Centro. It’s here at the Jungle Lodge Boutique Hotel, that the villas stand as elegant testimonies against the backdrop of the dense green wilderness. Choose from the cozy one-bedroom, the spacious two-bedroom, or perhaps the deluxe villa – each offering a vast living space, an exclusive patio entrance, and the novelty of an indoor/outdoor bathroom. Dive into the inviting plunge pools, undergo a transformative experience in the traditional Mayan sweat lodge ceremony at the spa, or treat your taste buds to an unforgettable Italian culinary journey with the hotel’s maestro chef.


Where sophistication meets simplicity. Here, guests are invited to revel in a barefoot elegance located smack in the middle of Tulum’s Zona Costera. It’s a haven for the eco-aware traveler. Picture this: luxurious oceanfront cabanas and huts of Ahau Tulum, each room radiating sophistication while providing panoramic views of the Mexican Caribbean. Start your day with sunrise meditation, engage in daily yoga, or embark on a journey to the nearby Mayan Ruins. Satiate your hunger with rustic yet refined Mexican and Caribbean flavors at Restaurant Ahua or for something raw and organic, try the Tulum Raw Love Cafe.


If you feel like treating yourself, these luxury hotels with spa services, your own private plunge pool, and a lovely white sand beach within walking distance of your room can deliver. Most are located in the main hotel zone and many offer a peaceful retreat from the crazy beach town nightlife.


This luxury hotel wears its accolades with pride, having been crowned the “best of the best” and the pinnacle of romance. An adults-only sanctuary, it’s perched uniquely on a quaint rocky ledge, caressed by the waters of Tulum’s Zona Hotelera. Many a room at the Mi Amor Colibri Boutique Hotel offers secluded patios and hot tubs, each framing the expansive azure beyond. The décor is an intricate dance of beauty and playfulness, inviting guests into a realm of relaxation. And what’s a stay without indulgence? Relish world-class gastronomy, lose yourself in the vastness of the infinity pool, sip on crafted concoctions at the seaside bar, and immerse yourself in the plethora of spa amenities. Serenity finds a true meaning here.


A mere 10 minutes away from Zona Hotelera. The pristine shores here beckon travelers looking for a slice of paradise. Eight secluded rooms await, placed perfectly between unblemished beaches and the dense verdant jungle. Imagine gazing out at the tranquil sea through the expansive glass doors of your Encantada Tulum accommodation, opening to a realm of private beach serenity. The in-house spa offers an array of services, beckoning relaxation. While activities are plenty, from yoga to snorkeling, traditional ceremonies, and venturing into the wonders of Sian Ka’an Nature Preserve, what’s a holiday without indulging your taste buds? Savor delicious meals, either on your private patio or with the sand caressing your feet on the private beach.


Step into the world of chic bohemian luxury, where ancient Mayan traditions meld seamlessly with new-age wonders. This adults-only haven is stationed on the hip beach strip of Tulum’s Zona Hotelera. Let the airy ocean-front rooms, equipped with private balconies and relaxing hammocks, envelop you in serenity. The Dune Boutique Hotel Tulum’s holistic experiences serve as a bridge between the mind, body, and soul. Not to forget, the culinary journey that emphasizes respect for the environment and local communities, prioritizing fresh, local produce.


Let the waves guide you to this luxury treehouse-inspired abode right in the heart of Zona Hotelera. Delek Tulum is where luxury meets eco-consciousness. With its roots deep in sustainability, from the organic building materials to the locally-inspired menu. Reside in one of the unique cabanas, where craftsmanship shines through handmade wooden furniture and genuine Mexican artifacts. As the sun sets, allow the beachside Tatewari Restaurant to sweep you off your feet, with every bite an ode to the rich flavors of the land.

The Beach

Standing tall and proud as a top-rated adults-only boutique hotel within the confines of Zona Hotelera. The Beach Tulum boasts twenty-eight upscale accommodations, each a symphony of comfort with private pools or jacuzzis, majestic king-size beds, and uninterrupted views of the cerulean sea. The sprawling swimming pools and atmospheric open-air restaurants dotted around the hotel are nothing short of picturesque. Just steps away from your room, indulge in sumptuous meals, invigorating drinks, sunbathing sessions, and thrilling water escapades. And when relaxation calls, the on-site spa, with its array of massages, sauna, and Turkish baths, has all the answers.


A vivid experience on the captivating stretch of beach within Tulum’s Zona Hotelera. This epitome of luxury at Hotel Ma’xanab Tulum showcases resplendent oceanfront and jungle vistas from rooms that radiate brightness and space. Some even boast private pools, where the horizon seems endless. Spend your days lounging in a beachside cabana, taking dips in the pool, sipping concoctions at the beach bar, rejuvenating at the spa, or diving into the culinary wonders of the on-site restaurant. The choice is yours.


Where boutique meets tranquility with 18 unique rooms designed to offer guests a sustainable stay. Zamas is a retreat away from the clamor of the world. Spanning two acres, guests are privy to a realm of raw beauty, where the vast expanse of untouched beach and jungle awaits exploration. Whether you fancy swinging gently in a hammock or feeling the soft caress of the Caribbean Sea against your toes, they have you covered.

Immerse yourself in a fusion of vibrant urban vibes intertwined seamlessly with the relaxed local ethos, all set against a backdrop of sprawling jungle and the fascinating wildlife it houses. Strategically positioned a short drive south of the Tulum archaeological site, this gem boasts a beachfront adorned with a secluded bay. A vision of white sands framed by swaying palms and coconut trees.

Every bungalow stands as a testament to relaxation, be it with ocean vistas, nestled amidst the lush garden, or with direct beachfront access. And when hunger strikes, a refreshing restaurant awaits, open from dawn till dusk. The allure doesn’t end there. Each room is a tapestry of colors and comfort, uniquely crafted both in design and locale. Whether beachfront, amid the serenity of the jungle, or cocooned by coconut trees, every cabana offers expansive porches complete with hammocks and generous windows ushering in the sea breeze. With in-room dining just a call away and amenities like safes, plug points for devices, hot water, concierge services, parking, and beach loungers, Zamas ensures an unforgettable stay.


This place is a feast for the senses with an array of gastronomic delights invigorating spa treatments and even an on-site modern art gallery. Each room at Azulik is meticulously crafted with spacious beds and luxurious tubs instead of showers and stands as an epitome of luxury. These villas, carved from the finest local woods, boast expansive private decks, perfect for soaking in the mesmerizing beauty of the Caribbean Ocean.

Every room is adorned in authentic Mayan style, characterized by light linens and rich mid-toned wood. And while the ambiance may transport you to a bygone era, modern comforts like Wi-Fi and a TV ensure you’re firmly rooted in the present.

Papaya Playa

Now, if ever there was a place in Tulum that seems like it’s been plucked right from an influencer’s dreamy feed, it’s the Papaya Playa Project. As a shining star in the Design Hotels group, renowned for its stunning portfolio of boutique luxury accommodations worldwide, it’s no wonder this spot is ever-present on Instagram.

Let’s visualize: imagine captivating beachfront guesthouses, secreted away in the lush embrace of the jungle. Add to that, the allure of private rooftop pools, and a commendable dedication to sustainability. This place doesn’t just boast treehouses and cabañas; it ensures they’re both ensconced in the jungle and blessed with the beach’s proximity.

Thanks to its location on the northern stretch of the beach road, you’re spared the constant foot traffic of tourists you’d typically find further south, where the heart of Tulum’s bars and restaurants reside. And, let’s not overlook the essentials – like secure parking (a rare gem in Tulum) and a handy concierge, ever-ready to communicate via text and arrange off-site escapades or impromptu dinner plans.

For those who revel in details, the resort offers an exclusive 900-yard secluded beach stretch with a beach club and restaurant for oceanside feasts nearby, Their Mixology Bar is great for cocktail aficionados to hang out while their 24-hour coffee shop has numerous caffeine devotees.

In-room service is available to dine in comfort while the Roca Raw Vegan and Seafood Restaurant is a gourmet’s delight. The Playa Solar Alternative Beach Club is a unique place to lounge, while the Jungle Shala is replete with Temazcal and wellness sessions

They even offer an Immersion Program crafted for artistic, spiritual, and wellness pursuits, along with yoga for the soul-searchers. The Art Walk, is a journey through unique installations and artistic encounters, while watersport adventures await those who like kite surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.


Where eco-friendly luxury finds its home. Revel in structures adorned with authentic Mayan stone and thatched roofs. The interiors of Tago offer a harmonious blend of wooden floors and neutral palettes, extending onto breathtaking balconies. Amidst this serenity, a cenote-style infinity pool beckons.

Feeling peckish? The restaurant promises a culinary journey, weaving Yucatán ingredients with global classics. And when the evening calls for a drink, a mixologist awaits to craft your potion at the hotel bar.

The Ocean Front suites are the crown jewels here, presenting unobstructed vistas of the Caribbean right from the plush king-sized canopy beds. By day, the beach club offers sun, shade, and comfort with its lounge chairs, hammocks, and cabanas. And when the sun sets? Be prepared for the occasional DJ night, complemented by meticulously crafted cocktails.

At Tago, dining is an experience. Tago Restaurant brings together the zest of Mexican and Italian cuisines, while Barra Ginza dives deep into Japanese delights, utilizing fresh local seafood and produce. And if wanderlust strikes, an array of off-site adventures, from exploring nature’s beauty to delving into the ancient Mayan ruins, awaits.