30 Best Restaurants in Tulum Beach Zone and Downtown Area

A vibrant food scene from fish tacos, modern Mexican cuisine and fine-dining can be found in downtown Tulum through the Tulum Beach zone. When it comes to delicious food there are many hidden gems within the best Tulum restaurants that cater to a variety of different price ranges.

Budget Friendly

When visiting Tulum in Mexico’s Riviera Maya you find the selection of eateries to be much more upscale than its Playa del Carmen counterpart. So it pays to know the best places to eat in town that will offer you a delicious meal at very reasonable prices.

Taqueria Don Beto

Located smack in the heart of Tulum Pueblo, this place screams authenticity. Think no-frills, just genuine Mexican cuisine. It’s not one of those upscale restaurants, but its corn tortillas, hot and fresh, wafting through the air are pure magic. Their slow-roasted cochinita pibil? Prepare for it to melt in your mouth, giving you a direct taste of Mexico’s heritage and some best tacos in town.

Taqueria Honorio

Don’t be fooled by its modest appearance. This spot serves up cherished Yucatán staples, from its fluffy handmade tortillas to its flavorful cochinita pibil. But be warned, it’s such a hit that by 1:30 p.m., they’re already wrapping up for the day. Early birds get the fresh fish taco here.

Antojitos la Chiapaneca

This isn’t just another taco joint. Beyond their delectable tacos, they’re serving up genuine Yucatecan treats. The tacos al pastor here? Legendary. Just remember it’s a standing-room space and keep cash handy.

La Coqueta

La Coqueta is where the locals dine, and that says a lot. Offering a plethora of authentic Mexican dishes that are both scrumptious and pocket-friendly, it’s a great spot to unwind, especially with the live music that often plays in the evenings.

Burrito Amor

Quite literally the heartthrob of burrito enthusiasts, Burrito Amor is the go-to. This chic yet relaxed spot whips up the finest burritos complemented by their signature in-house spicy sauces.

Campanella Cremerie

Nestled within downtown Tulum, it’s the juxtaposition of Italian finesse and Mexican warmth. Craving some of the best coffee in town or perhaps a delicious breakfast? Their offerings range from creamy gelatos to savory sandwiches. And for those with a sweet tooth, their banana crunch or pistachio ice cream is not just a suggestion – it’s a must.


A hidden gem in the La Veleta neighborhood, Italdo is where mornings are made. This bakery offers freshly baked loaves that can kickstart any breakfast. And before you leave, give their desserts and traditional Mexican pastries a try.

El Milagrito

A mezcal haven located in Tulum Town, this cheap restaurant offers a delightful combo of mouth-watering Mexican cuisine and mezcal-infused drinks that are simply divine.

Avenida Satelite

Evenings on Avenida Satelite are nothing short of a Mexican street food festival. Tacos, marquesitas (crepes), and burritos – and all of this at unbeatable prices!


Many of the best restaurants in Tulum can be in the beach hotel zone, it’s here where you’ll have to be very selective to ensure you find a favorite restaurant that you can afford to visit often.

El Camello Jr.

If seafood had a temple in Tulum, it would be El Camello Jr. Established by a genuine Mexican fisherman, this place is a seafood haven. The menu is predominantly centered around ceviche, pulpo, and whole fish, and trust me, the portions are so generous you might mistake them for a mini boatload! Their seafood platter is a feast with tilapia, fish filet, lobster, and more. And let’s not forget the welcome plate of tortilla chips, various salsas, and a bowl of beans. A quick tip: this spot is a cash-only joint and given its popularity, ensure you have some pesos on hand before heading there.

Safari Comedor Zama

A few minutes outside Tulum town, nestled on the fringes of the jungle in Aldea Zama, this gem marries culture and taste seamlessly. Be it breakfast, a delicious lunch, or a romantic dinner, their offerings like the Mexican avocado toast with grilled avocados will linger in your memory.

Casa Jaguar

A hotspot for tourists and one of the most popular restaurants in Tulum, Casa Jaguar offers a tantalizing Modern Mexican menu. Tucked away in an eccentric jungle setting, this place is both rustic and sophisticated. Their seafood dishes are to die for, and the cocktails, though leaning towards the sweeter side, are crafted to perfection.

Posada Margherita

If beach restaurant dining is your thing, this spot in Zona Hotelera Tulum offers an experience rather than just a meal. Housed within the chic Posada Margherita Hotel on the beach road, the menu, inspired by traditional Genoan recipes, is an Italian dream. Imagine biting into authentic pasta, perfectly baked pizza, or their standout rosemary focaccias with the Caribbean sea whispering in the background. The Posada Margherita Tulum wine is also top-notch, but just remember, cash is king here.

El Tábano

Settle down at a rustic wooden table on the welcoming patio of El Tábano, located in the heart beach zone and surrounded by hotels. A unique blend of Mexican, Latin, and Central American influences come together here, offering a contemporary take on traditional Mexican dishes. With a menu that showcases local ingredients and changes with the seasons, the ambiance may entice you, but it’s the culinary delights that will beckon you to return. The moles and enchiladas here? Simply irresistible.


Mateos, a vibrant Mexican grill, offers a breezy, open-air ambiance that promises a lively experience. As you traverse the Mexican coast, seafood dishes tend to be the culinary stars. And in Tulum, many tout Mateos as the reigning champion for fish tacos. A visit here, in my opinion, is essential if you’re a seafood lover.

Sabor de Mar

Ah, Sabor de Mar! A veritable playground for Mexican and Seafood aficionados. Especially if you have a soft spot for tuna or tacos. The seafood dishes here? Top-notch. And those tuna tostadas? They’re an absolute delight. Not to forget, the service here is genuinely commendable.


Ever thought Asian and Mexican flavors could dance together on a plate? Mestixa makes it happen. With a dynamic menu that sees frequent changes, you might come across delicacies like pork belly bao buns or shrimp dumplings topped with tamarind sauce and, wait for it, a grasshopper garnish! Booking a table in advance is probably a wise choice.

Fine Dining

If you want to seek out the best restaurant in Tulum, you’ll probably want to look for one that mentions the Chef’s name and check to see if they have a Michelin Rating.

Loco Tulum

Offering a harmonious blend of fresh Seafood, Mediterranean, and Grill flavors, Loco Tulum stands out, especially with its seasonal tasting menus crafted by Chef Idan Lifshitz. Whether you’re here for lunch or yearning for their famed fish tacos, grilled tuna, grilled shrimp, or prawns, this place never fails to impress. Amidst a menu boasting tofu salads, pasta, and vegan burgers, make sure you don’t miss out on their delectable bagels, chocolate mousse, and pancakes. To drink? Their wines, tequilas, and Mimosas are a must-try. And if you’re feeling particularly Mexican, pair that with a cold Mexican craft beer while relaxing amongst the palm trees.


A Vegetarian-friendly Tulum restaurant, led by the renowned former Noma chef, Jose Luis Hinostroza, Arca dazzles its guests with sumptuous wood-fired cooking in the Zona Hotelera. Prepare to be captivated by the bold and innovative flavors of seasonal flora and fauna here. The suckling pig and the cocktail range are particular highlights. For dessert lovers, offerings like tamarindO, pastilla marrow, and the stuffed cacao pod are sure to enchant.


Originating as a Mezcal bar & kitchen, Gitano has now spread its charm with three locations across Tulum. The “Gitano Jungle”, their flagship venue, turns ethereal at night, with candles softly illuminating the tables. Beyond the ambiance, it’s their fresh, well-presented food and mezcal bar that promises an evening to remember. If it’s inventive cocktails in an enchanting outdoor lounge that you seek, make your way to Gitano in the Tulum beach zone. Here, modern Mexican cuisine merges with a vast array of fruity mezcal-infused beverages, ensuring an evening of deliciousness. Special mentions? Their tuna tostada and chorizo con queso are culinary gems.


Hartwood is an embodiment of sustainable Mexican dining amid a typical Tulum boho style. Running completely on solar energy, each dinner is a curated experience of wood-fired dishes made from the purest organic Yucatán produce sourced from milpas and the freshest spear-caught fish. If you’re thinking about dropping by for dinner, I’d honestly recommend making a reservation through Now, while they don’t accept lunch reservations, they’re always open to walk-ins.


Stepping into Wild is like diving deep into the heart of Mexico, with a menu that celebrates local Mexican ingredients such as huitlacoche (fermented corn) and hoja santa (Mexican pepper leaf). The ambiance, imbued with the scent of copal (Tulum’s iconic pre-Columbian incense), exudes warmth and welcomes all. Looking to secure a spot? Making reservations online is a smart move.


Being a bohemian travel destination by nature, you find a large percentage of restaurants in Tulum offer vegetarian options, but those that specialize in vegan dishes can be worth paying a bit extra for.

The Real Coconut

Perched elegantly in Sanará Hotel’s bungalow in the Tulum Hotel Zone, this spot champions health and taste. It’s not about just vegetarian and vegan options but about a commitment to wholesome wellness. Every bite here, from their renowned coconut-cassava tortilla chips to their nourishing bowls, exudes health, with zero compromise on flavor.


Championing sustainability, Verdant, with its Healthy, Vegetarian Friendly, and Vegan Options, sits nestled within its very own herb and vegetable garden on the outskirts of the Tulum downtown area. The fusion of modern Mexican food with French techniques, all crafted using the freshest local ingredients, is something you don’t want to miss. Their 4-course harvest menu is the talk of the town, and just a heads up, they currently operate on a cash-only basis.

La Hoja Verde

For the vegetarians out there, La Hoja Verde is your haven. Reasonably priced, this spot offers a delightful range of vegan choices.

Raw Love Cafe

Renowned for its picturesque smoothie bowls that are as delicious as they look. And if you have a sweet tooth, their vegan chocolate cakes are simply to die for.