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Top Areas, Neighboords, and Best Places to Stay In Tulum

The downtown area offers the best budget hotel options, Airbnbs the most convenience, and the best beach hotels are very expensive. If you only stay in the best hotels or want to spend a week at a beach resort with private plunge pools or private beach access, it’s best to book them at home with airfare included.

Where to Stay

Tulum’s charm can be mapped into four main areas: Hotels north of Tulum offer a tranquil, almost poetic atmosphere, sitting conveniently adjacent walking distance to the ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum National Park. The middle of Tulum is a pulsating hub of culinary delights, beach-side revelry, and nighttime allure.

The Tulum Pueblo is where frugality meets the waves, making it an attractive choice for cost-conscious beach lovers. You’re looking at a breezy 15 to 45-minute bicycle ride from town to the beach. Then there’s the South end, a sanctuary for families, with its yoga-driven serenity and proximity to the pristine Sian Ka’an bio-reserve.

North Beach Zone

This area starts from the historic ruins and extends 4 km southward along the Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila, up until its crossroads with Avenida Coba. Sparse yet select, this peaceful region boasts boutique hotels, niche eateries, and intimate beach clubs. The best Tulum hotels and beach hotels here offer predominantly silken white sands with intermittent rocky stretches. Noteworthy beaches include Playa Paraiso, Playa Pescadores, Playa Maya, Santa Fe, and the aptly named Tulum Ruins Beach. Venture slightly northward, and you’ll find Casa Cenote and Cenote Dos Ojos.

Middle Beach Zone

This is where sophistication meets the sea. Positioned between kilometers 5.5 and 8 on Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila, this segment stretches from the craggy Sunset Beach in the north to the vicinity of the chic Arca restaurant towards the south. Imagine beach resorts, luxury hotels, and the best boutique hotels here having haute cuisine and posh open-air soirees. Broad, elongated, the white sand beaches here only have rocky patches between km 5.5 and 6. Absent are streetlights or pedestrian pathways, but hailing a cab here is relatively hassle-free.

Beach Town

This compact zone bridges the North and Middle Beach zones between kilometers 4 and 5.5 and is the most affordable beach area. Here, hotels, eateries, and commercial hubs coexist in harmony. Towards its northern end, the shores are sandy and swim-friendly, transitioning into rockier terrains as you head south. A majority of dining and shopping outlets are ensconced on the jungle’s edge, making it a unique blend of nature and commerce.

South Beach Zone

Adjacent to the revered Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Tulum Beach South is a family-friendly, bohemian sanctuary. This realm tranquility is far from the central hubbub, yet comfortably close to eateries and nocturnal hotspots. Underscored by a plethora of yoga and health studios, the recurring theme here focuses on wellness.

Aldea Zama

Stationed equidistantly between town and the seafront, Aldea Zama is an embodiment of opulence encased within gates. This establishment for luxury travelers finds its niche perfectly poised between the bustling Tulum Town and the Zona Hotelera. Here you’ll be greeted by unrivaled local gastronomy, and myriad of bookstores, inviting cafes, and souvenir stores.

Tulum Pueblo

Cocooned by untamed jungles, the dynamic downtown area in Tulum is filled with eateries, pubs, and nightclubs. The layout here is predominantly grid-like, dotted with sidewalks and streetlights which encourage walking and cycling. While the lodging spectrum ranges from budget to moderate, a select few plush hotels are at a fraction of the luxury resorts.

In contrast, the beach restaurants in Tulum Centro skew towards authenticity and affordability. As twilight descends, the nightlife awakens, with bars and clubs dotting the main thoroughfare. While accommodations here lean towards the economical side, savvy travelers can also bank on more competitive rates for tours, bicycles, and moped rentals than their beach counterparts. Venturing north via Avenida Coba reveals an ensemble of mesmerizing cenotes, all within a 5 to 25-minute cycling realm.

Villas Tulum

A mural-laden enclave situated behind the Super Aki and Burger on the Cancun Tulum Highway. This quaint residential borough is filled with villas and a sprinkle of eateries. No hotels can be found here, but many Tulum vacation rentals on tranquil lanes are adorned with artisan touches.

Beach Hotels

Along a sprawling tapestry of sandy stretches, the best Tulum beach hotels typically sit right next to the best resorts. A luxury hotel here might cost a whopping $1,000 a night. While sandy beaches are open to the public, resorts mark their own exclusive stretches of beautiful beach which require guest access to their great bars and sun loungers.


With nightly prices that often start at $500 in high season, the best luxury hotels are where wallets meet waves and private beach pools.

  • La Zebra a Colibri Boutique Hotel: Experience authentic Mexican dining right here, coupled with a serene pool and a swanky bar.
  • The Beach Tulum Hotel: Located towards the southern cusp of the beach strip, it’s a mere 5.6 km from Tulum’s esteemed biosphere, Sian Ka. Expect beachfront suites, a private beach area, a terrace, a bar, a spa, and an onsite shop.
  • Radhoo Tulum: True Mexican ethos is encapsulated in its decor. A bar, wellness center, and pristine air-conditioned rooms right on the beach.
  • Hotel Cabanas Tulum: This 4-star boutique gem boasts a private beach club and exceptional suites. High-quality amenities guarantee a memorable beach stay.
  • Zamas Tulum: Reserve ahead for this 4-star property that flaunts vibrant rooms, an open-air pool, and idyllic beach areas.
  • Tago: Formerly revered as Coral Tulum, this opulent retreat features an in-house local eatery.
  • Jashita Hotel: Spend your vacation at this 5-star resort, offering 3 outdoor pools, a bar restaurant, and a terrace with unadulterated ocean views.


Only in the beach area of Tulum is a $250 – $500 per night hotel considered exquisite yet economical. You won’t find many private plunge pools here, but many establishments have breakfast included in the room rates.

  • Villa Pescadores Tulum: A beachside eco-friendly hotel with boho chic found along the beach road near Playa Esperanza. 18 beach huts will seaview balconies decorate the hotel’s grounds made mostly of sand.
  • Habitas Tulum: An eco-conscious haven; enjoy beach views, Wi-Fi, impeccable rooms, yoga sessions, and delectable dining at the on-site restaurant.
  • Ana y Jose Hotel & Spa: Affordability meets luxury. Enjoy a private beach, and Mexican-themed rooms, and visit a rejuvenating spa.
  • Kanan: Situated on a southern Tulum beach road, this establishment promises commendable services for every penny. Anticipate private beach moments and relaxation on a picturesque terrace.
  • Naala: Dine in style, park privately, plunge into an outdoor pool, or sip at the bar.
  • Mamasan: A 4-star marvel offering a choice between captivating treehouses and cozy cabins.


Wallet-friendly wonders can be hard to find from December through March as even a budget Tulum beach hotel can run upwards of $200 a night.

  • Nativus Glamping & Cenote Tulum: Nestled within the Zona Hotelera jungle, proximity to the beach is still ensured. Their tented accommodations boast all necessities and come with an attractive price tag.
  • Chancabañita: A beachfront B&B where every essential spot is just a walk away. Sea-facing rooms, expansive beds, free bikes, a garden, and a terrace await guests.
  • Cinco Tulum: Experience luxury in tents without burning a hole in your pocket. Facilities include a restaurant, bar, garden, free Wi-Fi, and an exclusive beach area.

City Center

The pueblo offers a taste of native nightlife and a culinary tour of genuine Mexican delights. It’s also very close to the Mayan ruin archeological site, but you’ll have to rent a bike or hop in a taxi to get to the beach.


If you want a little taste of the high life, rates of $100+ per night can be found in the luxury hotels in Tulum town, and much cheaper than the beach.

Kaab: An eatery on the premises, a lush garden, and splendid rooms await you.

Biwa: A 4-star haven offering complimentary bike rides, a splendid pool, an in-house bar, a terrace, Wi-Fi, room service, and impeccably maintained rooms.

Era Hotel & Spa Tulum: A 4-star romantic paradise, widely regarded as one of Tulum Town’s crown jewels for couples.


Affordable elegance can be found in downtown Tulum from $40-$100 per night.

Adults Only: Central and sought-after, this 3-star gem promises a sunlit terrace, free Wi-Fi, a prime location, and pocket-friendly rates.

Hotel Casa Sofia Tulum: A steal for the amenities – think traditional Mexican-styled rooms and a refreshing outdoor pool.

Hotel Central Station: A tranquil 3-star abode offering a spectrum of room choices, a well-placed locale, and top-notch facilities.


If you’re visiting Tulum on a budget, then you can maximize the bang for your buck when staying in these budget hotels.

  • La Palmita: A boutique sensation. Explore its enchanting jungle garden, enjoy free Wi-Fi and much more.
  • Casa Almendro: A budget hotel that balances low costs with high standards, featuring a roomy terrace and a fully loaded kitchen.
  • Colorbox Beds and Rooms: A mere 15-minute stroll from downtown, it’s a favorite among budget travelers, boasting an outdoor pool and a communal lounge.


For those venturing with family or in a larger group, the best apartments in Tulum offer a home-away-from-home feel with many being pet-friendly and bookings at a much more reasonable price.


Plush private residences from $150 and up.

  • Coco Village: A jungle apartment, fully furnished, with pool access. Ideal for a group of 6.
  • Valhalla Residence by Biwa: A secluded pool and impeccable service make this a top pick, catering to up to 6 guests.


Comfort and convenience with prices from $70-$150.

  • Hotel Panacea: A 4-star aparthotel in town with an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, private parking, and a trendy terrace.
  • LiveTulum: Featuring snug rooms, an outdoor pool, complimentary breakfast, and free Wi-Fi. The nearby ruins might be the only thing tempting you outside!


  • Trece Lunas: Boasts units with their own patios, kitchens armed with refrigerators, and personal bathrooms. There’s an outdoor pool waiting too.
  • Tulum Nah: A no-frills yet pleasant aparthotel stretching just over 300 feet2. With its shared swimming pool and its serene locale, it’s the go-to for families with kids or those logging in remotely.


Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about the best hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and other places to book in Tulum, Mexico.


Generally yes, as tourist dollars are of great importance to drug cartels. Gang activity is usually kept out of tourist areas, but high-end beach clubs at times can attract a bad crowd. If renting a condo in Tulum, do note that many are located in the jungle, and unlike Playa del Carmen, walking around after the sun goes down is not recommended.

They’re like apples and oranges. Tulum’s hotel zone is your ticket to a lavish beachside chill session. On the flip side, if you’re planning a spree of day trips or if your budget’s on a leash, Tulum Town is where it’s at.

The Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort and Amansala Yoga And Wellness Resort are the only all-inclusives with locations on Tulum Beach. The Secrets Tulum Resort has a jungle location near Aldea Zama, but you need to take a shuttle to their beach club. The Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa is quite popular, but it’s located outside of Tulum past the Mayan Ruins and Cenote Tankah.

For now, Cancun International Airport is the best option, but the New Tulum Airport is on schedule to have domestic flights from five major cities in Mexico starting December 2023. International flights are expected in April 2024 with Delta Airlines announcing flights from Atlanta, and Aeromexico having options from New York, San Francisco, and Toronto.