Island Hop to Balicasag & Isola de Francisco: Bohol Sailing Adventure

Island hopping in the Panglao Coast gives visitors is said to be one of the most relaxing and yet breathtaking experiences in Bohol. Whether it’s to see the dolphins and whales, swim in the reefs of Balicasag, or to simply meditate on the sandbar of Isola de Francisco, it’s easy to see why this tour is frequently considered the best in Bohol.

The tour usually begins with whale or dolphin watching. It’s an early start at about 5am, so be prepared! The North Bohol Sea is a natural habitat for dolphins and whales and they usually feed at the surface, commonly in high numbers. After about an hours’ travel by boat to the viewing point you can usually see them in action, as many fins start to appear, all in one area!

After this, the tour leads onto Balicasag Island sanctuary. This is a great chance to see even more marine life up close, as there is a healthy reef system which surrounds the island, and the aquatic life is frequently astounding. Commonly sighted are sea turtles, as well as an array of fishes which vary widely in colors.

The tour will usually end with a stop at Isola de Francisco, a beautiful sandbar Island, which is best known for its spirituality and meditation practices. For those who would like to take the opportunity to relax, there are bamboo lounge beds, which face out to the light blue sea. Being a place of prayer, Isola de Francisco has a tall statue of Saint Pio of Pietrelcin, who was known as a stigmatist.

For anyone who decides to take the tour, it’s worth noting that although there is a high chance of seeing dolphins, there is no guarantee of this always being the case, as they may feed elsewhere.

Tour prices are 3000 pesos (USD $60) per person for 2 people, however, discounts are offered if more family members or friends can come along, as this reduces the price per person significantly.


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