Hinagdanan Cave: Bohol Geological Attraction

Known as the hidden beauty of Bohol, this cave is both a historical landmark and an incredible geological phenomenon.

The name Hinagdanan was given to the cave following its discovery by a farmer. He stumbled upon it by throwing rocks down deep holes he noticed near his crops. To his surprise, he heard a splash and decided to build a ladder (50 hagdan) which eventually led all the way down into the cavern.

For people who want to learn about the formation of the limestone, this is a great place to visit. The extensive stalactites and slick walls can be touched as visitors walk into the cave.

The cave’s history in World War II, when locals used it to hide from the Japanese imperial army is also on display.

Nestled deep within Hinagdanan is a crystal-clear lake, which sits at a pleasant 77F (25C) all year-round. With a limestone base and amazing turquoise, blue/green waters it’s a visitor favorite and gets plenty of swimmers.

The cave is also affected by sunlight, as rays bounce off the shiny cavern walls creating luminescent effects upon the lake surface.

Due to its growing popularity, there are now restaurants and souvenir shops nearby.

Entrance fees are very reasonable at 25 pesos, but if you decide to take a dip in the lake, it’s 100 pesos. The extra cost is due to the staff taking great effort to keep the natural pool as clean as possible.


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