Different types of accommodation in Bohol Philippines

Some people prefer to spend money on accommodation when they are traveling to other city or country while other prefer to stay at a cheap place so they can save money and spend it on other things. In the city like Bohol, both options are available. Following we are sharing with you a complete guide related to accommodations for tourists in Bohol Philippines.

Bohol resorts

Most of the resorts are located on Bohol Island. Tourists prefer to stay in resorts at Island because they are more comfortable as compare to Bohol hotels because the most of the resorts are located on the beach where you will also get an excellent view of the beach from your room. The resorts come in different sizes and different prices. For example, other than just booking a room, you can also book a studio or bungalow in the resorts. The popular resort like Bohol beach club offers you different types of activities to do within the resort and nearby. Booking a place to stay in the resort is not very expensive in Bohol Island. Typically the price starts from $60 per night to $200 per night.

Different types of accommodation in Bohol Philippines
J&R Residence

Bohol hotels

Finding hotels in Bohol Philippines is not difficult. The city is famous for its tourist’s attractions that are why there are so many hotels are there. There is all type of hotels are available in this city. You can book your room in an expensive five-star hotel and also in a cheap hotel as low as only $10 per night. So, finding a hotel in Bohol Philippines which fit with your budget is not difficult. I would suggest you go with a medium size of a hotel because this size of the hotel also has a good amount of amenities which are enough to make your trip comfortable. The expensive hotels are usually the choice for those who are coming to this city for business purpose where the cheap hotels are the best choice for youngsters who prefer to explore the city rather than wasting their time in a hotel room.

Different types of accommodation in Bohol Philippines
Bohol Beach Club

Bed space sharing

The concept of bed space sharing is growing all around the world. The reason behind their popularity is the price because they are very cheap.  At both places; Bohol city and Bohol Island, you can easily found the hostel who offer bed space sharing options to their guests. The price of per bed per night is as low as $5 if you are booking online while you can also found the lower price if you actually visit different hostels when you reach there. Do not expect much from these hostels, as they are already offering you a place to stay in very cheap price. Most of these hostels have option of kitchen and laundry sharing. It is an ideal place to stay for those who are out of budget or do not want to spend money on accommodation.

Different types of accommodation in Bohol Philippines
Overview Hostel


The guesthouses in Bohol work in same way as bed space sharing and hotel work. You can rent the whole room or even just a bed in most of the guesthouses which are located in this city. The price different from the guesthouse to guesthouse but bed space sharing option is a bit expensive in the guesthouse as compare to the hostel because you will get some extra facilities there. The guesthouses are the good option for families who do not want to spend much on accommodation. As compare to the city, there are more guesthouses at Island and they are located next to the beach. So, if you are the lucky one, then you will get a room with beautiful view. The price to stay in guesthouse starts from $10 per night to $30 per night.

Different types of accommodation in Bohol Philippines
Paseo Del Mar Dive Resort


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