My trip to Bohol Philippines

Bohol is a beautiful city of Philippines. This is why it is famous among tourists. The Philippines itself is very beautiful, that’s why it is one of the famous tourist’s destination. Does not matter that at what part of Philippines you arrive, you will never be disappointed because the whole country is filled with beaches, forests, islands and other attractions.


Recently I got a chance to visit the Philippines. I have visited many cities and Islands, but I found Bohol Philippines the most peaceful place due to its natural beauty. There are about one hundreds places and activities to do. I have seen the people of all ages in this city, which confirmed that this city has something to offer to all group of ages, whether you are old, teenager or a youngster, you will never get bored there. Especially, if you like to explore the nature then there is no best place than Bohol Island.

My trip to Bohol Philippines

I have booked Bohol tour package online with the help of my friend who has been in this beautiful place already. The Bohol tour package was not only about the plane ticket and transport to the hotel but it also includes the list of things to do in Bohol and places to visit. Before coming to Bohol, I did my homework and searched for popular places of this city so that I do not miss a chance to see everything there.

I have read about Bohol chocolate hills which are famous for their unique shapes. You have probably seen different shape and color of hills in your life in different countries but chocolate hills Bohol are famous for its color and shape which looks like big cones from the viewing point. The Bohol tour package which I have booked has included this place visit and I have really enjoyed the view from Chocolate Hills complex point where this can be also seen from Sagbayan Peaks.

Beaches are the main attraction of the Bohol Island. Sadly, Due to the shortage of time, the travel company still able to arrange the trip for me to several beaches of Bohol. I have a visit to Panglao Island, Pamilacan Island and Balicasag Island after getting the complete visit of Bohol Island. The water on each of these places was very clean. You can perform different activities including diving in the water. Although, I was lucky to have a view of giant whales and beautiful dolphins from Panglao Island.

My trip to Bohol Philippines

Waterfalls are almost everywhere near the Tagbilaran city. You can reach to the famous waterfalls like Mag-also fall, Camogao falls, Tontonan falls and Busay falls by traveling little mint in the taxi. These falls are few KM away from the main city. Each waterfall has its own beauty and surrounding. The best part about these falls about is the water, which was clean like crystal. I got the chance to swim in some of these falls. These are ideal places to plan picnic or BBQ party with friends and family. I have heard that youngsters also choose these places for camping at the night.

Visiting historical places is always my priorities because you learn a lot about the history. Bohol is very rich when it’s come to visit historical places. There are the memorial park, very old churches, and museums. Most of these are located near to, Tagbilaran city.

Some of these churches are about 300 years old while other is no less than 200. The art of these churches is still very fresh like it was built yesterday. The best thing about these churches is their small museums where you can see the related things.


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