Bohol Dreamcatcher Resort, Panglao: Bohol Hotel Review

For those who want luxury and relaxation at affordable prices, then Dreamcatcher is definitely the place to stay on Panglao Island.

The bedrooms are extremely clean and big, and the overall designs of the apartments are very welcoming, as the furniture is extremely well placed. The bathrooms offer free toiletries such as towels and soap and offer lots of space and natural light for guests.

These spacious open rooms provide great natural light and come fully equipped with aircon so it is easy to cool off after a hot day in the sun.

Outside the resort has a swimming pool, and you can reach this by riding down the big two-story slide, although I suppose you can also just walk down the stairs but where’s the fun in that?

Needless to say, the resort is great for kids. As well as the outdoor pool, there is also a games room and play area, and they even offer babysitting services, if parents decide they want to explore the island of Panglao by themselves one evening.

In regards to eating there are many great services offered by the resort. In the mornings they provide high-quality breakfast options which are all completely free, and on top of this, there is also the chance to arrange a picnic meal during the day with the resort. If you want to kick back in the evening with a garden barbeque, this is possible too!

The resort also offers a range of inclusive tours such as diving or snorkeling, as a 24-hour taxi service to beaches and attractions on the island. If you want to go full luxury you can also book an in-house massage.

Surrounding the resort (if you can ever get yourself to leave) there are many sandy beaches to choose from to visit on the island, such as Dumaluan or White Sand beach, as well as the infamous Alona beach. Most are between 10-20 minutes ride on a tricycle or motorbike.

So is it worth staying at this resort? Is it good value for money? Yes, and yes. Some other services provided by Dreamcatcher are free wifi, a mini bar, and a plasma screen TV, and overall extremely accommodating hospitality.

This is the ultimate resort for those people who simply want to have a fun and a relaxing time on Panglao island. Dreamcatchers quiet and peaceful atmosphere is what draws people back every year.


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