Things to do in Bohol

Beaches of Bohol

Bohol is famous for its beautiful beaches. There is no Bohol tour package which does not include some of the popular beaches of this Bohol. Most of these beaches are located on small Islands of Bohol which includes Bohol Island, Panglao Island, Balicasag and Pamilacan Islands etc. Other than just relaxing on the beaches, you can actually do many fun and physical activities. There are many companies and resorts on Islands which can take you deep into the sea through their dive services.

Scuba diving can be performed almost all beaches of Bohol Philippines. The famous spots for scuba diving are Pamilacan Island, Alona beach, and Balicasag beach etc. From these places, you can also get the view of dolphins and whales which can appear in the sea at any time. So, you need to keep your eye on the sea while you are relaxing on the beach.

Things to do in Bohol
Bohol Beach Club

Explore the beautiful waterfalls

There are hundreds of places in Bohol where you can get the view of beautiful springs and waterfalls but some of them are popular than other and due to their popularity, now they become a popular spot for the tourists. Some of these places where you can see and get showered under the waterfalls are mentioned below:

Camogao Falls: You can only reach there by motorcycle due to a very small road. But it is worth to spend money to reach there as this fall gives a very beautiful view and you can also swim there. This is located in San Isidro.

Mag-also Falls: It is the most famous waterfall of the Bohol. It is located 20Km from Tagbilaran. The fall is surrounded by different vegetable fields. It is a famous tourist attraction. People usually come here for the picnic, BBQ and camping purposes where the clean water of this fall allow you to swim till the sun sets.

Can-manta Falls: This fall is known as the most beautiful fall of Bohol because it is coming from the very high point. Like above, you can swim in this fall too. From far away, the water may look like to coming in a single layer but once you reached near; you will notice the three different layers of water.

Things to do in Bohol

Hills of Bohol Philippines

A trip to Bohol Philippines is incomplete without visiting chocolate hills Bohol. These chocolate hills have been in Bohol news and National Geographic much time due to its strange shape. There are hundreds of cone-shaped hill there which are spread all over the place in Carmen. You can get the view of Bohol chocolate hills from Sagayan peak and also from Chocolate hills complex which is about 55KM away from Tagbilaran City. There is also a resort there where you can spend quality time as the resort on biggest hill serve food, coffee and has a gift shop etc.

The Segbayan peak is not only famous for Bohol chocolate hills but also for its own attraction which is butterfly done. Due to high visit by the tourists, now there is a restaurant and coffee shop where you can eat good food while enjoying the beautiful view in good weather. At Butterfly sanctuary of the Sagbayan peak, you can see the largest buffer-fly aviary.

Elly Hills are not much famous as Chocolate hills Bohol but it has the same format like Bohol chocolate hills. This place is only 5KM away from the Tagbilaran city where its elevation is about 100 meters.

Himontagon Hills are located about 20KM from the city. Like above hills, these are not cone shaped hills but flat but covered with greenery. This is a great place to relax and spend quality time in nature. People usually came here for BBQ and camping purpose.

Things to do in Bohol


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