Attractive places in Palawan

Palawan is one of the most visited places is Philippines as the tourists’ resort. There are lots of attractions in Palawan that make the place worth visiting for the tourists throughout the world. This place is located in the region of MIMAROPA; this island where it stands is known as the last frontier of Philippines. There is an underground river over there that is not famous at all. But the amazing and beautiful beaches as well as other natural resources of the place are popular world-wide and people are attracted to them. The tourists who always wish to visit an adventurous place it is a great chance to fulfill their desire by spending some time at the island. The cuisines of Palawan are also liked by lots of people and the environment there is away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

In the surroundings of Palawan, there are islands, rocks, sandy beaches and a lot more. Undoubtedly, Palawan can be considered as one of the most alluring and fascinating destinations for the tourists in Asia. The people who are not really familiar by the places to be visited in Palawan can have a look of some of the worth visiting places over there; they have been mentioned below:

Barracuda Lake

Attractive places in Palawan

This lake is situated in the bay of Coron; it is very interesting, unusual and joyful diving spot in the region. There is a declaration according to which, this Barracuda Lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes of the whole world. In Palawan Philippines it is referred as the craziest site for diving. The place where it is located gives a dreamy view of water that is surrounded by the cliffs of liestone.

Big Lagoon

Attractive places in Palawan

This place is situated in El Nido. The formations of karst limestone along with the crystal clear water make the place naturally beautiful.

Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Attractive places in Palawan

It is located in the island of Busuanga in the region of Palawan of course. There are lots of marine animal found at this place and it is always included in the list of Palawan attractions for the tourists. The animals found there include sea turtles, special kind of peacocks, different types of deer, giraffe, etc. There are low hill ranges at this place.

Coron Bay

Attractive places in Palawan

The Coron Bay is very famous especially among the divers all over the world. It is a great diving spot in Palawan. This place has its own attractions that can be discovered when you visit the place.

El Nido Marine Reserve Park

Attractive places in Palawan

The Marine reserve park in El Nido occupies a great area almost equal to ninety six thousand hectares. It is a premiere destination for the tourists and is one of the top list attractions in Palawan. There are white sandy beaches, a rain forest, coral reefs, cliffs of limestone and other natural scenes that give a magnificent view. The eco-system of the place for the divers boosts up the attraction and creates a splendid, glamorous and breathtaking natural view that enchants the tourists undoubtedly.


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