Bacuit Bay

A tourist guide Bacuit Bay

One of the attractions in Palawan is Bacuit Bay. This place is famous and known for its natural beauty. Unlike other Bacuit Bay, you may get the chance to visit more than one Island once you reached Bacuit Bay.

This place is actually a group of many small and medium size Islands of Palawan Philippines. There are many hotels in Palawan which can approach you to this place or you can even book your stay with the help of travel agencies or on your own by booking resort there.

Bacuit Bay is truly a place to visit in Palawan Philippines because it is hard to found any other place in Asian countries where you may get chances to visit different Islands at once.

The whole place and all Islands which are part of Bacuit Bay group is covered with beautiful things which include blue water which is clean than crystal, hot sand, mountains, beaches, waterfalls and calming lagoons. If you want to see so many natural beauties at one place then Bacuit Bay should be your priority among the attractions in Palawan you have planned to visit.

Unlike other Islands and beaches of the world, this place is not just a place to rest, eat and take sun bath but there is much to do and this is because of natural beauty. For example, there are more than 30 sites where diving in deep water is allowed. Each of these diving sites has the different depth.

Some of these diving sites are six meters in depth where other are thirty meters. It is highly recommended for you to take a chance to explore the beauty of water by jumping the water as long as you are good in swimming. All the equipment can be rent for the whole day from different locals for the diving purpose so you do not need to bring anything including oxygen pump etc.

Islands at Bacuit Bay:

There so many different sizes of Islands are there in Bacuit Bay that’s why it is known as the hub of Islands but some of them are very popular due to their beauty and tourists destination. As compare to other Islands of Bacuit Bay, you will able to found many things to do in those popular Islands including finding the place to eat, shop something traditional and hotels to stay. These seven Islands are Cadlao Island, Dilumacad Island, Pangulasian Island, Vigan Island, Cudugnon Point, Matinloc Island, Pinasil Island.

Although, Island is not just different in the name but also the people and tribes living in these Islands are different from each other and most of the time you will found them in their traditional dress or costumes. Each of these Islands is also full with the tourists all around the world. But it does not mean that there is very hustle and bustle there and you are not going to enjoy your stay there. The Bacuit Bay itself is a big enough place to welcome thousands of people at once and still have a peaceful environment for which people travel toward Bacuit Bay.

How to get to the Bacuit Bay?

There is no airport is there at the Islands. So, you need to land at the airport of Puerto Princesam, Unlike El Nido and Manila, Palawan Philippines to reach there. If you have booked any Palawan hotels for the stay then you can ask for your hotel to book your trip for Bacuit Bay or you can do it on your own by booking a car or go there by road by traveling through the local bus. The distance could depend on the location where you are staying. It could take few hours to the whole day to reach there by road but if you are landed at Puerto Princess am then you can reach the destination within 3-4 hours by road.

Many people travel to Bacuit Bay by road because by doing this they will get the chance to see other Palawan attractions.

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