Calauit Island

Calauit Island, Palawan, Philippines

Calauit Island Palawan, Philippines is an island of Calamian Archipelago, just near the north-west Coast of Busuanga Island. It is the area of the municipality of Busuanga in the Palawan province, Philippines. The full Island was declared as a wildlife Palawan attractions and game preserve in 1977 now is a visitor attraction called as Calauit Safari Park.

The wild animals were brings in from African in the 1970s to save them from destruction. The imported animals contain 20 giraffes, dozens of antelopes and zebra. Ferdinand Marcos (Philippine President) ordered the domestic move to Halsey Island and ordered to clear the Bamboo forests to make the location similar to the Savannahs of Kenya. Today, the African animals continue to wander around the Island and the number of animals is rising.

According to history, 4 March, 1977, one hundred and four African Animals including of 8 species arrived in Calauit, Busuanga, Palawan from African through MV Salvador Ship. The animals list is:

  • 12 bushbucks
  • 10 topis
  • 11 elands
  • 11 gazelles
  • 12 waterbucks
  • 18 impalas
  • 15 zebras
  • 15 giraffes

How to get there:

From Manila, fly to Busuanga airport, then, hire a van to Coron town. From the town, one may either participated a group trip provided by travel agencies, generally around P200 per head. If you are with a large group, you may charter a private boat to Calauit Island and some ship wreck for P6500 for 1-4 pax or. If waters are claimed for boat ride, one may opt to go by land. Anyway, one has to endure a bumpy and lengthy ride to reach the tip of Busuanga Island because closely half of the roads is still unpaved, with some rocky and steep parts. From there, a little distance boat ride crossing a nearly waveles strait to Island Calauit is required.

Wildlife Safaris on Calauit Island

Today zebras, giraffes, and impales live together with rare animals like Calamian deer, beer cats, Palawan peacocks and mousedeer, which are endemic to attractions in Palawan. The aviary is a latest addition.

Entrance fee for foreigners 400p and 200p for Filipinos, boat from mainland to Calauit Island is 500p for the group. Because of the big travel time from Coron to Calauit Island (between four and six hours, we advised renting a jeep or van in Coron.

Here are some of the animals that can be seen on the park:

Calamian Deer

Calamian Deer, also called as the “Calamian Hog Deer.” Is a specie of deer which can be found just in the Calamian Islands group of Palawan, Philippines. It is one of the 3 species of deer native to the country.


Giraffe is known as to be the tallest of all land-living animal species. Its coat is made up of big, irregular patches of black to yellow fur separated by off-white, white, dark yellowish and brown background. They generally stand about 13 to 18 feet tall with long legs and long neck.


Zebras are top known for their distinctive black and white stripes. Their bellies have a big white blotch for camouflage objectives. Their stripes come in different patterns special to each individual.

Palawan Bearcat

Palawan Bearcat is a common species and is one of the biggest land mammals in mainland Palawan, Philippines. This mammal looks like a half-cat and half-bar and has a coarse and brown-black thick fur.


Porcupines are the 3rd biggest of the rodents with a coat of sharp spines that protect them from predators. They come in various shades of grey, brown and the unusual white.

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