Dimakya Island

Dimakya Island, Palawan, Philippines

Dimakya island, Palawan Philippines is one of the many little islands (the Calamian Islands) placed in Northern Coron. The island is famous for its proximity to World War 2 wrecks but also highlights its underwater wildlife such as reef sharks, turtles, manta rays, dolphins and its possibilities to snorkeling and dive.

Further, Dimakya Island is one of the few locations in the globe that provides swimming with dugong big marine mammal which, combine with the manatees, is 1 of 4 living species of the order (Sirenia).

Dimakya, Palawan attractions is reached through Manila into Busuanga. In Busuanga, you will be met and moved overland by jeepney and boat to Dimakya Island, approximately two hours.

The current use of Dimakya as a nature-oriented resort will make the protection and preservation of endemic species.

The natural lagoon, for instance, remains as a natural attractants to wetland visitors and inhabitants. The wildlife around the lagoon places are such as Calamian deer, bulbuls, herons, monitor lizards, and kingfisher will continue to inhabit the island.

And this island is blessed with wonderful reefs within its quick vicinity. The sand is soft, deep and amazing. The sand is soft, deep and amazing. The emerald-green water is forever chill and pristinely clear. The skies are a perfect deep blue and the sunsets are fiery. The snorkeling is best and the people friendly.

How to get there

Having just been titled as the seventeen go-to holiday place in the recent NY Times travel “46 locations to go in 2013”list. With visitors finding out actually why “it is more fun in the country,” resorts are also now upping their game and setting out to provide special services and qualities that will attract guests to their properties.

With a forty five minute vehicle and boat ride from Busuanga airport, you will find yourself in this island, home to the exclusive club paradise resort with attractions in Palawan and Palawan hotels. True to its title, this haven is as wonderful as island getaway can get.

Beachfront cottages, single detached will provide you need and come with a relaxed bed, in-room safe and even a walk-in closet.

Dimakya Island is also a sea turtle nesting place, so an underwater venture will definitely bring you closet to these wonderful creatures.

Dimakya West

The reef specs hard and soft corals in an explosion of colors, remarkably tamed reef fish, and untold shocks. On the steep slope, which runs down to approximately 55 feet, there are a lot of Tunicates, sponges, parrot fish, garupas and the occasional family of bumpheads. A unique treat awaits the diver at a little nook at thirty meters approximately 40 feet near the classroom – the chance to view a rare big calm, Triadacna Gigas, measuring around three feet.

Dimakya North

On the north part of the island is a gently sloping reef. The corals are not as remarkable as in the classroom but the possibilities of seeing mantas, eagle rays and the marine turtles are bigger in this area, as well as lobsters are a best assortment of reef fish call this home.


On the west of the island, right in the center of this confusion of corals and color is a clearing with white sand at ten feet of water. This is the place known as the classroom, indeed a very perfect location to teach scuba.

Dimakya Northeast

The northeast end of the Island specs a little location that has quite a number of hump corals, some of them as large as a little one bedroom house. The location is a best spot for macrophotography, slugs, crinoids, nudibranchs, and other attractions in Palawan.

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