Honda Bay

Honda Bay, Palawan Philippines

Honda Bay, Palawan Philippines is comprised of several islands with shallow reefs bordering amazing beaches the much loved snorkeling, swimming, diving destinations of domestic residents and visitors. The top known islands of Honda Bay are Bat and Cowrie named for the reason that the big fruit bats appear of their holes at sunset for their evening food. Other wonderful islands are Lu-li Island, Starfish, Pandan, Canon, Snake Island, Snorita Island, Areeceffi Island, and Meara Marine Island. Arreceffi Island contains the deluxe Dos Palmas Beach Resort, with affordable accommodation can be found on other islands with Palawan hotels and Palawan attractions. Lodging facilities are accessible for overnight stays in the Meara Marina Island and Starfish (sandbar Resort).

Honda Bay is host to a number of sand bars and islands that are generally visited by visitors. These Islands and attractions in Palawan have various snorkeling and diving spots in the respective place where you will get to experience different treats that would satisfy your little holidays, vacations and long weekends.

Lu-li Islet

Lu-li, a little term for “lulubog lilitaw” or surfing or sinking in English, is a title given to the Island because of its features. The small Luli Islet is a sand bar that is just visible during the ebb tide and vanishes under water the top tide.

Pandan Island

This amazing island placed at the south of the Snake Island has little drop offs and best reefs which would serve as best sites for snorkeling and diving. It is an oval-shaped Island that is being managed by the big group of hotels in Palawan which has a hotel in the city proper of Pureto Princesa.

Arreceffi Island

Arreceffi Island is a Island that is rightly owned by the popular Dos Palmas Island Resorts which has a range of activities for visitors to enjoy such as snorkeling, Scuba diving, boat rides, fishing, mangrove kayaking, and Ocean Kayaking,

Bat Island

At its title states, this Island is a shelter for 1000s of bats that would put anyone in fear as they watch the bats.

Pambato Reef

This reef is found in the center of the bay where the shallow parts are about ten feet from the coral reefs. But hesitate not because there will be life jackets to assure your safety especially for those who are not best swimmers. Visitors will be given the chance to dive down and even touch the different coral species that are in the place. They may also take images with the schools of fish that lives in the reef.

Snake Island

Snake Island is another sand bar placed near the Starfish Island. This sand bar has a lengthened shape similar to a snake where its name was derived from. Mangroves grow in the southern finish of the island while most of its northern part is made up of white sand that spreads up to about two kilometers long. During top tides, most of its long bar sinks within the water.

Henry Reef

This reef is being featured by a little wall that drops off from five to ten meters. The said wall has lots of crevices and caves. The reef is a best spot for underwater snorkelers and photographers will enjoy over the extensive reef system in the place. Marine animals such as nudibranches, sweetlips, snappers, cardinals, and lionfish are found in this reef.

Helens Garden

Helens Garden is a sea garden of top marine life found in Dos Palmas and definitely include in attractions in Palawan in Arreceffi Island. This amazing sight is best for snorkeling, where visitors may dip their sunkisssed skins in its clear blue waters would actually put anyone in fear. Many wonderful fishes of various sizes and kinds may already be seen which would thrill any diving and snorkeling lover to explore the depth of the area quickly.

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