Kayangan Lake

Things to do at Kayangan Lake

While there are so many attractions in Palawan, but some of them are popular because of their attractiveness and Kayangan Lake is one of them. The crystal clear water of this lake is the most beautiful part of this place.

There are many islands and lakes are there in Palawan Philippines but you won’t found a crystal clean waters like Kayangan Lake anywhere else. This place has not been cleaned by any machinery or with the help of human power. Everything is gifted by God and the water gets cleaned by its own.

This place is no less than a wonder because it is surrounded by very beautiful mountains which are full of greenery. The beauty of Kayangan Lake also increased due to the shadow or mirror view of beautiful mountains in the water.

If you are a person who likes to discover new things and want to experience advantage then there is the natural cave for you which name is Awuyuk Kayangan Cave where you can only reach by deep swimming by crossing its narrow and dangerous entrance.

How to reach Kayangan Lake?

Hotels in Palawan are offering the tour for this place. The lake is located few miles away from the hub of Palawan hotels so it is always wise to take help from the travel company or the hotel where you are staying. It is located on Coron Island. While reaching to this place, you will get the chance to enjoy the other Palawan attractions, mountain, other lakes, and jungle etc. Reaching this place is not something you have to worry about because you can take taxi or bus to reach at this place too.

Things to do:

For a second, its look like you have not much to do at Kayangan Lake but in reality, other than just enjoying the beautiful view of lake and mountain, you can do many other activities. Some of the activities you can do at Kayangan Lake are:

Boat Trip: This trip will allow you to see the beauty of this lake in much more detail. Unlike other trips of boat you have experienced in your life, this would be totally new and unique because of the limestone. Your boat will be pass through different shapes and size of limestone on this trip of the boat. You can take pictures and capture so many beautiful images of rocks standing in the lake. The place itself is very photogenic for the photographer. The trip of the boat is quite long and you will able to enjoy the beauty of lake inch by inch. You will also see some houses there which are stilts along the boardwalk.

Hiking: The hiking at this place can be done from 8 Am to 4 PM only due to the safety of the people because going down in the dark can be dangerous. Although, there is no facility of light in the dark. So coming back to the ground from the top before dark is highly recommended. You need to climb 75 meters up to enjoy the hiking experience which takes about 30 minutes.

Cave at Kayangan Lake: The cave at this place is also called a dead cave, that’s why spelunking is not allowed but you can still go inside until the safe zone. You can take photos and also pose at different areas of the cave. The cave is called dead cave because there is no moisture there and it could be difficult for you to breath.

Swim in the lake: Your trip cannot be complete of this place without exploring the other half beauty of Kayangan Lake which is hidden under the water. You are allowed to swim in the lake but it is very deep. So, only put your feet inside the water if you are a good swimmer. There are caves, different stones and species are there inside the lake to capture on camera.

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