Linapacan,Palawan Philippines

Palawan Philippines houses many superb places and this contains Pureto Princesa remarkable River, Calamian Group of Island and El Nido Reserve Marine Park. One of the remarkable Palawan attractions that you must include to your travel list, it is an island municipality in the Palawan province. It is placed south of the popular Calamian Group and placed between Coron to the north.

The island improves its white sands and definitely the beautiful waters that border it. It is a heaven that is similar to the best white sand Boracay beach. Activities in Linapacan contain underwater, diving, snorkeling, photography and one can just enjoy and have some amazing and bewildering experience.

It is a must visit attractions in Palawan, it provides the best sand and water, the area is so remote with a population of just 14,180 persons which creates it best adventure to have some leisure for it provides calm that one will actually love.



There is a marine reserve near the San Miguel, the main town on Linapacan and best place for Palawan hotels. There is no beach to discuss of in the town; the reef is approximately 150 metres from the pier. Extremely shallow at first, with little coral growth and sea grass, starfish, etc, then a place of dead coral, and then you reach the drop-off which has some best coral formations. But it is the marine life which makes this location unique. Esls, big barracuda, like fish, fish pipe and lots of colorful tropical fish, including ribbon fish and batfish.

Island hopping

It is simple to hire banca to visit island hopping. Costs depend on the size of the distance and boat moved.  The big cost is the fuel, which costs for 250 pesos for single gallon. You could simply use five to ten gallons per day, so the rate depends on the area you want to travel. A rough guess would be 1,500 to 3,000 pesos per day.

There are damages of an old eighteen century Spanish castle at Caseledan on Linapacan destination, extremely much lush by vines, with the just the walls and well remaining. It is close to the pearl farm. The water was so perfect we were capable to catch a big crayfish by hand.


There is perfect and beautiful beach on Patao Island, no more than a kilometer across from San Miguel. You can manage for a banca to move off there in the early morning and get you in the daylight but you have to get your own water and food. There are some reports of best snorkeling off this beach.

Getting there

There are no daily ferries to Linapacan. Anyway, there are banca boasts from Island which regularly go to Taytay and Busuanga for supplies. In Coron, if you request around at the banca boats at the retrieval place you may be capable to discover a boat travelling to Linapacan.

The tour from Coron took approximately 3.5 hours and cost three hundred pesos. It took about 6.6 hours from Linapacan to Taytay, and cost five hundred pesos. The weather was best for both tours and they were perfect rides. You can verify forecasted weather situations with the security in San Miguel before going, and the security checked the boat before it left for destinations.

There are 2 boasts which regularly go to Manila, taking fresh fish from Island and bring back dry goods, but the boats did not look as if they were built for relaxation.

In October 2013, the Daily News Dig published the waters of Linapacan Island and hotels in Palawan so neat that the said international site put it on the best of their list of 35 waters to swim in around the globe before one die.

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