Narra, Palawan, Philippines

The little Narra, Palawan town approximately two hours by bus and ninety two kilometres Pureto Princesa south, creates a best opening to the south, with several empty beach in the and Rasa island, three kilometres offshore, the just location in the nature you can view endangered Palawan Philippines, a little tricycle ride from Narra.

Additional offshore, the Isla Arena Marine Turtle Sanctuary is a big resting place for green turtles, where the small hatchlings are saved before being launched in the wild.

Inland, the most worthwhile excursion is to the Estrella Waterfalls, approximately 15km from Narra on the road back to Pureto Princeasa. Definitely, this is the best attractions in Palawan. The water is amazingly pure and fresh, and the falls are bordered by green jungle inhabited by monkeys.

Narra, Palawan attractions has a special geological configuration that is suited for various economic activities. Its mountain ranges have streams and rivers that give the required irrigation to the plains where agricultural products are grown. Its seas and mangroves servers as house to abundant marine resources, while it ground is top with mineral deposits waiting to unearthed. Its falls, rivers and mountains, beaches, islands have piqued investor’s interest to link to the tourism industry which made Narra more famous and make best area for Palawan hotels.

Arena Island

Arena Island is a heaven on stunning coral reef which is house to a big marine life and to abundant resources. Visitors may opt to enjoy its pristine waters while diving and snorkeling. Its sandy beaches entice visitors and guests to explore, swing and enjoy with the domestic of the area – the Pawikans. Different trees also grow in the island which makes it house for common birds.

The Arena Island has a conservation program that has already launched 12,000 turtle hatching of the hawk bill turtle and green turtle species since 2003 up to present. The objective of the program is to promote protection of the turtles and save the hatchlings from predators such has human traders, reptiles, and birds. The program is founded from the proceeds of the Turtle Sanctuary Resort Arena Island which is also placed in the island.

Estrella Falls

Estrella Falls has become a best place not just to visitors but to the domestics as well. It has new cool waters cascading quickly from Victoria Park to its double perennial falls at the mountain edge. The perfect water flows down to 3 natural pools of varying depth. One has a depth that is just perfect for best swimmers; another has a central depth that is safe for those who are average swimmers while the third one is a perfect for kids.

Narras Palay Festival

The municipality of Narra organizes a yearly celebration known as “Palay Festival”, formerly called as “Anihan Festival”, during ether the end or middle week of the month October. Being “The Rice Granary of Palawan”, this place celebrates for their harvest of rice that is being utilized by the full province. During this enjoyment, the domestic government of Narra organizes activities in the municipality where people all over the area combines and enjoys the festivity.

Rasa Island

Rasa Island is a placed covered by the authority of the municipality of Narra, it is house for the Katala which is also famous as the Philippine Red-Vented Cockatto. In 2006 year, Rasa Island was announced a Wildlife Sanctuary via Presidential Proclamation one thousand Philippine which brought status to the municipality of Narra to be called as the Phippine Cockatoo Capital of the Globe”. Rasa Island was also added as “One of the best 13 birds watching places in the Philippines” by the Department of tourism Philippine.

Rasa Island serves a very perfect location for bird waters, lovers, wildlife lovers, and hotels in Palawan.

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