Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

This wonderful underground national park is placed about fifty kilometers north of Pureto Princesa City in the Palawan Philippines. The park is also called as St. Paul Underground River or St. Paul’s River Subterranean National Park. The karst site is made of limestone and is amazing to view. At the inferior place, tidal powers apply their control and the river itself runs direct into the habitats.

Saint Paul Cave is a remarkable feature in the park due its big and varied standard of animal life that are supported in and around its vicinity. Also famous is the parks ecosystem that works all the way up in the mountains and right down to the sea. The perfect wonderful sand beaches and unmolested natural visuals are also special to this natural park.


Puerto Princesa River Subterranean National Park is placed in the Saint Paul Mountain Range at the northern coast of Island and best place for Palawan attractions and Palawan hotels. The mountain area of the park is composed of limestone karst, a spec characterized by the salvation of rock layesr by a sedimentary rock having the mineral calcite. The simply navigable subterranean river is 8.2 kilometers in long. The most amazing attribute of this river is that it snakes via a best cave formation before heading direct into the South China Sea.

The cave specs stalemates, made up from stalactites, and limestone floor, which hang in dripping patterns from the mineral ceiling. The national park place is also house to a biodiversity conservation habitat in order to save its ecosystem from extinction. In these important forests of Asia, there are ecosystems engaged the place from mountain all the way down to the sea.

There are 8 of this 13 kinds of tropical Asian forests placed in the park, including forest over limestone soils, forest over ultramafic soils, freshwater swamp forest, beach forest, lowland evergreen tropical rainforest, mangrove forest. Within these forests there are over eight hundred plant species from hundred families and three hundred genera. There are no less than 300 trees with the dipterocarp as the predominate kind of species. The big Apitong,a  source of Keruing timber, the Dao, also called as the blackboard tree, and Amugis are all found in the forest in the lowland place.

Further, the park is a habitat for approximately thirty species of mammals. These animals are generally viewed in the shelter of the forest or on the water’s edge eating when the low wave come in.  The place just primate is the high-eating Philippine money or lengthy-tailed macaque. Among other mammals that inhabit the parks are the porcupine Palawan, the Bornean Bearded pig, Palawan Stink badger, a little grasslands skunk, and the bearcat, which is nether bear or nor cat includes civits and genets. The reptile inhabitants of the park number at nineteen species of which eight are indigenous to the place. Feature species of the place are Minotaur lizard and green crested lizard, which can rise up to 10.5 feet in length.

The park also has nine bat species. Two of these are the swiftlets and spider, both placed in the caves. The sea cow, one of the just 4 living species of its type including manatee, of the order Sirenia, can be found at the coastal places and include in best attractions in Palawan. The big Hawkbill sea turtle also feeds in the same place. This turtle is critically under danger of extinction and is the just species in its genus. The Hawksbill turtle exactly inhabits all over the globe with the Eretmochelys imbricate bissa palced in the Indo-pacific area. It possesses the spec flipper and carapace like appendages of the sea turtles.

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