Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is a city in Palawan, Philippines, well known for its beauty and boat trips. The limestone caves and underground river in Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park are attraction is in the city. The city beaches have a lot of dive sites. Puerto Princesa is home to long nosed dolphins which is unusual in other parts of the world.
With a population of just 255116 people in the city, it is known to be the second least densely populated cities in the world. Puerto Princesa is very well known for the sea food and the beaches along with long nosed dolphins and boat trips. It is also known to be the greenest city in Philippines.

Puerto Princesa is a part of the Palawan island and is bound to the east by the Sulu Sea, to the north by the municipalities of San Vicente. And Roxas. The beautiful costal lines are 567km from the capital. The city is also topped with tropical and dry climate.

Average temperature here is 27.43 degree and has an average rainfall of 1,563.8 millimeters per year.
Most of the time the city is humid and warm throughout the year.

Puerto Princesa’s primary income for the state is through its eco-tourism and thereby is known as the eco-tourism center of the Philippines. Recently the city has seen a rise in the trade and business coming into the city. The city even though not populated is still packed with variety of restaurants and, bars, and has its own shopping district. Most of the tourists come to visit Puerto Princesa for its limestone caves and the subterranean river National Park which is located in 50 km to the north of the city. It was named one of the new7woinders of the Nature.

The city is also the jump off point for the very well-known Tubbataha Reef. The local cities include Santiago City and Queezon city. Internationally the sister includes, Hsinchu, Taiwan. Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia. Maui Country, Hawaii, USA.

Transportation in Puerto Princesa

The city has all three main modes of transportation including Sea, Air and Water. The city is just one and a half kilometer from the Puerto Princesa international Airport. The city is served by the cities domestic passenger ferries. Though these are not the primary transportation mode.  These are well used by the tourists.  In the transportation Puerto Princesa is famous for its E-tricycle.

The recent mayor ‘s initiative has reduced the green house emission of the transit by including electric motors along with the engine. Mr Conception died before the project was completed. The previous mayor did not give up on the project and made the project a reality.
Even though there were other plans to make special lanes for the tricycles and bicycle riders. The plan did not stay much longer.
Puerto Princesa is also referred to as the city in the forest and is a very important place to visit if you are planning a trip to Philippines. The government and the people are friendly and the nature there is suitable for retirement vacation.

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