Top five El Nido resorts

El Nido Palawan is an ideal place to spend your holidays in the Philippines. It is the land of beautiful beaches and Islands. But finding an El Nido Philippines accommodation or hotels in El Nido in reasonable price could be challenging. Following we are sharing the list of cheap and expensive El Nido resorts to help you to decide where to stay.

El Nido Resorts Lagen

This resort is located on Lagen Island and it is one of the expensive resorts available in El Nido Palawan due to its location and services they are offering to their guests. Instead of building a resort on the beach, they have to build it over the water. The rooms which have been built over the water cost more as compare to those which are a bit far from the beach. This resort is spread over a good portion of the Lagen Island. Booking a room in this El Nido beach resort means to stay there and enjoy the views and El Nido Philippines attractions without leaving the Island. The resort has its own restaurant, bar, spa, lounge and beachfront rooms. The resort also offers services of airport transport. Free parking and the internet are all available to the guests.

Lally and Abet

Top five El Nido resorts

Lally and Abet is a small but exclusive resort of the El Nido Palawan. The cost to book room in this resort is only $40 per night which is actually very cheap as compare to other El Nido Philippines accommodation available in this area. Due to its size, there is not any swimming pool there but this resort has restaurant and bar including mini-shop to purchase gifts. The rooms in this resort are air conditioned where free services like internet and breakfast included in the room charged.

MaryGold El Nido beach resort

Top five El Nido resorts

This is another beachfront resort at El Nido Palawan which is located at Quezon road. It is not that big as compare to other El Nido resorts but it has enough to offer to the guests. All most all rooms of this resort offer you a beautiful view of the beach due to its location. Breakfast, the internet and laundry services are included in the price of the room where the rooms in this resort are smoking free and air conditioned. The restaurant of this hotel does not have a fancy interior but open air which is ideal due to its location.

Dolarog Beach Resort

Top five El Nido resorts

The interior of this resort is inspired by the nature because the huts of this resort have been covered with coconut leafs. The hotels may not look very fancy from its building but the amenities which have been offered inside the hotel are exclusive. There is a swimming pool in the hotel, bar, and restaurant. Almost all rooms and other areas of the resort offer a beautiful view of the beach.

Village Resort

Top five El Nido resorts

If you are looking for a true El Nido beach resort at El Nido Palawan then this is where you need to book your room. It is a beachfront resort which offers you services like luxury hotels in El Nido. Due to its location, extraordinary interior and amenities, the price to stay in their room is very high, especially if you asked them to give you a room with beach view. I also love the idea of a restaurant in this resort which is half opened air and builds on the terrace of the resort. You get an amazing view of the Island while enjoying your food. The resort offer services like airport transport, free internet and much more. There is no pool in the resort as it is located on the beach. So, you can simply jump into the crystal clear water of the beach to enjoy the swimming.


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