Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Attractions in Palawan could not be completed without visiting the famous Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center which is also known as the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park. Why? Because this place has so much to offer you. So if you have already reached Palwan Philippines and done with the all the stuff like hotels in Palwan and other Palawan attractions then you must plan a visit to this place which is an overall tourist destination in Palwan due to its attractions.

Indeed, by the name, the place does not look very interesting but the idea behind making Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is to make people familiar with the crocodile farming which is legal in Palawan Philippines. This place is full of information and most species of crocodiles which may not found any other part of the world. This is why this place is also included in the endangered species list. But crocodiles are not the only thing which you can see in this Conservation Center because the center also does care about many other animals like endemic, bearcat and ostriches which are rear in some part of the world.

Where is it located?

It is located at the South National Highway in Puerto Princesa city. Some of the hotels in Palawan also offer special services to show you Palawan attractions. So, if you are not sure about the location and don’t know how to reached Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center then you can ask the management of the hotel where you are staying for the trip to this place. There are many travel agents and agencies can also take you to the place.

Things to do

There is not much to do in this place but if you are coming with your family including kids at this place then this place can offer you many things to do. You can spend your whole day by seeing and doing different activities at this attraction of Palawan other than just seeing the crocodile. You can do the following things:

Crocodile Farm and Nature Park

This place is not just famous for its attraction among tourists but also it is one of the popular research centers in whole Asia. It is run by the official Natural Resources Department of Philippines.

The ticket of this place is only Php 20 for children where adult pays Php 40. Entry for kids under 6 is free. The tour to this place starts from 8 AM till 5 PM. After every 30 minutes, the tourist bus comes to the spot and takes you inside the park where you can spend your whole day.

The museum is full of crocodile bones and skins. Each and every crocodile has its own story to tell. You can read to understand their stories. Many of these crocodiles have been killed by the people while saving the life of hum being. The wall of the museum has been decorated with the skins of the crocodiles

Hatchling house

As the place where you can see the growing crocodiles, their eggs, and mother feeding their newborn. This place is located next to crocodile exhibit center. All the crocodiles in this area are alive and almost all age of crocodile can be found here.

Live crocs:

This park is more likely visit to the safari park but there are no other things than different types and sizes of crocodiles. You can see all of them from a bridge which has been made for the tourists.

Photos with crocs:

If you want to touch and take photos of yours with crocodiles in your hand, then you should visit the special corner area where you can do this activity. You will only allow holding small crocodiles in your hands.

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