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How to Find Long-Term Rentals in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The key to finding the lowest monthly rates for the best Playa del Carmen long term rentals is do so in person, or well in advance. Facebook Groups are also are good way to seek out cheap long-term rent in PDC, as our groups related to digital nomads or expats.

Where to Rent

You’ll find the area between Calle 3 Sur and Calle 44 from the beach, and as far back 30 Avenida Nte to be quite safe and incredibly convenient for all Playa has to offer. Budget-friendly accommodations are usually only found in quiet neighborhoods, while rental prices increase when they better access to the downtown bars, restaurants, and beaches.


Built around the pedestrian-friendly Fifth Avenue and the beach, the downtown area of Playa de Carmen offers thousands of rental apartment within walking distance to shopping malls, boutique stores, busy restaurants, and the buzzing nightlife.

Considered a safe neighborhood, Playa del Carmen Centro isa very touristy area where a sea of people endlessly walk around. If you plan to book a rental online that is located on La Quinta Avenida, be sure to check renter reviews for street noise levels.

If you choose to live a few streets back from 5th Ave, be sure to sign up for Biciplaya using a Mastercard rather a Visa, so you use their bikes for 45 minutes rather than the standard 30 mins.

Colonia Hollywood

Located behind the Mario Villanueva Sports stadium, this lovely area has slightly older buildings with large apartments, which are ideal for long-term rentals. The tree-lined streets, cozy little cafes and restaurants add to the charm of this quiet residential neighborhood.

Calle 38

If you want to be close to one of the best beaches in Playa del Carmen, and further down the bustling 5th Avenue, then look into a long term rental on Calle 38 Nte. Here you’ll find fantastic outdoor bars and restaurants that are also generally always busy. The close proximity to the 38th Street beach, however, and a few all-inclusive resorts makes does add to the price apartment rentals in this area.

Avenida Constituyentes

Conveniently located in the center of downtown Playa del Carmen before Calle 20, Avenida Constituyentes has everything you need on one street.

This is area is super convenient for shopping with the Mega Super grocery store, Plaza Las Perlas, and the Quinta Alegría Shopping Mall which has stores like Forever 21, Ultra Femme, and Pandora. This street also has numerous local shops, restaurants, and a plethora of high-end hotels.

Zazil Ha

Situated on the north side of Playa del Carmen near Avenida CTM, Zazil Ha is a newly established neighborhood with brand-new developments that are conveniently close to the beach. Here you’ll find modern apartments with all the amenities you need for both short-term and long-term rentals in Playa del Carmen.

Coco Beach

A quiet, upscale neighborhood on the edge of downtown Playa del Carmen and next to Zazil Ha. Coco Beach is home to many stylish condo buildings that are right next to the white sands and turquoise waters. You’re likely need a higher-end budget to rent here, but you’re also like find more luxurious rental units here too. Many high-season listings are short-term only dure the high vacation rental prices tourists are willing to pay.


Another quiet neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Playa. It is, however to close Playa Avenida Colosio and many buildings here have beautiful rooftop views. Many digital nomads, dog owners, and long-term renter live who want to live slightly out of town and in a quieter area with fewer tourists.

This fairly new development area has many affordable vacation rentals, along with buildings in various construction stages which make it a great place to buy an investment property in Playa del Carmen.


An exclusive residential neighborhood and gated community with luxurious beachfront properties and all-inclusive resorts. While most properties here are expensive vacation homes, you’ll can find a few vacation rentals, but be prepared to pay extra for it.

The properties here are located in different sections, and the closer to Playacar beach you get, the more expensive the rental price. Do note that many places in Playacar are slightly out of town, so if you want to get to the action of downtown Centro, you may need a car or hire a taxi.


Playa del Carmen has several private gated communities known as fraccionamientos (subdivisions), which are located outside of Playa del Carmen Centro, on the other side of Highway 307. Renters here tend to either be seniors, families, or ex-pats looking to live on the cheap in a extremely safe and quiet neighborhood. C0mmunal or shared amenities such as swimming pools, laundry services, as well as, on-site security, are commonplace.

Due to their somewhat remote location, many deals on monthly rentals or long-term rentals are available for those who look. You’ll also find more spacious accommodation here such two-bedroom condos or three-bedroomtownhouses.

Before Renting

If you’re a first-time visitor to Playa del Carmen, it’s a good idea to stay in an Airbnb or VRBO to get the lay of the land. This will allow you to explore the town, find the best areas to stay in, and check out the available monthly and long-term rentals in person.

Online Ads

When searching for rental apartments online on websites like Craigslist, be sure you do thorough research on property managers before paying a deposit you may never get back. Facebook Groups offer provide more member policing, as well as, more traceable contacts, Several FB property rental groups allow you to ask members for advice on the best areas to stay and where to find the best monthly rentals, etc.


As in any city, rental prices will vary greatly, depending on the location and size of the property, along with it’s proximity downtown, the beach, and nearby shops and amenities.. Budget rentals across the highway or across town can range from as little as $400 USD per month for a furnished one-bedroom apartment while deals can found in $1,000-$2,000 range when renting closer to the beach.

Paying Rent

Payment methods for rentals will depend entirely on the landlord or the owner. Typically, if you want a good deal, you will have to pay your rent in PDC in cash. Some property managers how, do accept online bank transfers. Money transfer service likes Remitly, Western Union, PayPal or Wise (formerly Transferwise) can also be option, but at times you may be limited to how much you can send them per month (10,000 – 20,000 pesos).


Newer buildings or more expensive rental properties may come with amenities such as keyless entry, low-power consumption air-conditioners, king-size beds, flat-screen washing machine, and Smart TVs with NetFlix or Amazon Prime Video.

Some luxury properties and condo buildings have extra facilities like 24-hour reception, co-working spaces, on-site security, swimming pools, fitness centers, spas , and movie theater rooms. You will, however, pay extra for these upscale building amentites, as well as for units with private balconies, patios, and ocean views or a rooftop pool.


Most rental apartments will be furnished with basic amenities such as beds, tables, and chairs, and sofas. If you are planning on renting for long-term, cheaper options may require you to purchase certain items like kitchenware and bedding. For short-term rentals, finding a fully furnished is much easier.


Most long-term rental apartments in Playa del Carmen will have fully equipped kitchens with stovetops, fridges, and coffeemakers. Lower prices rentals may only have a small bar fridge and a basic cooktop. Do note, however that there are plenty of fantastic restaurants serving delicious food at affordable prices here in town that will still allow you to live on the cheap.

A/C Units

Playa del Carmen can get extremely hot and humid, especially in summer, and you need air conditioning just to feel comfortable. Electrity usage can range from as low as $30-$50 per month with an Inventer A/C, to $200 or more when having an older, less efficient unit.

Laundry Facilities

New, modernized or more expensive rental apartments may come with a washing machine and dryer, but do note they also increase you energy bill too. Some buildings may also have a communal laundry that tenants can use. If you’re unable to rent an apartment with laundry facilities, don’t worry, there are numerous lavanderiasaround town where you can do laundry. There are also laundry services like Mr. Jeff, that offer a collect-and-drop-off service.



The main electricity provider in Mexico is CFE, and the rates they charge differ according to the number of watts used. Properties with heavy usage fall into a bracket known as DAC (Domestic High Consumption) and these electricity bills have a ridiculous rate per kilowatt hour.

When seeking a monthly rental or long-term lease for a vacation property in Playa del Carmen, be sure to ask if what utilities bills are included in the rent. If electricity is not one of them, request to see the the last few bills from your rental agent before signing a long-term agreement. If the property is rented only in short-term during high-season, those tenants may have ran the air conditioning non-stop, which could downgrade the electricity usage rating into the most expensive bracket (DHC).


Obtaining a fast internet connection is fairly inexpensive in Playa del Carmen and also usually included in most property rentals.Internet providers in Playa del Carmen include Izzi, Telmex, Total Play, and Terared.

If the Internet isn’t included in your rental fee, you can expect to paybetween$400-$500 pesos ($20-$25 USD) a month for internet service. If you are a digital nomad and need super-fast Internet, be sure you negotiate a higher speed with your property manager being signing a rental contract.


Even is your water consumption is not included in the rental agreement, it’s fairly inexpensive here. You can expect to pay around $25 USD every two months, and if you are requested to pay the bill directly, it will likely be to Aguakan, the main service provider here in Playa.

Rental Contracts

Long-term apartment rentals in Playa del Carmen will almost always requires a rental contact signed by a notary. Contracts are typically for six to twelve months, but can be negotiated if needed.

Rental agreements here are similar to standard apartment leases in the U.S. and include general rules, terms, and additional fees. These written agreements, however, will generally be in Spanish, so you may want to have anative Spanish speaker go over the contract before you sign.

Contract Fee

Legal and binding contracts in Mexico require an official notary to witness the signing, which typically will cost between $1,500-$2,000 pesos ($75-$100 USD). This fee is not included in your rental price, and is something you will have pay when adding your signature to the rental contract.


Strangely enough, some maintenance costs may not actually be included in your rental agreement. This means that could be responsible for replacing any items that are damaged during your long-term stay. Some buildings may have a maintenance person to take care of larger issues, however, but you may have to pay the cost for smaller items like a faucet handle.