Lagoa do Fogo Hiking

Lagoa do Fogo (Fire Lagoon) is located and set in a natural reserve, in the crater of the Sete Cidades volcano. The surrounding beauty and serenity make this Fire Lagoon a true natural wonder.

Trail Difficulty

With a moderate level of difficulty and spanning a stretch of eleven kilometers, this four-hour walk is worth every second of your time.

The trail is specially designed to provide enthusiasts such as yourself with magnificent views and experiences during the beginning and at towards the end. So, make the most of it!

Trail Entrance

The trail of Lagoa de Fogo begins at Serra da Barrosa, Ribeira Grande county on the island of Sao Miguel from a dirt road.

In the beginning, you will come across vast farming lands and scenic green pastures.

Trail Sights

During the climb, you will come across the ruins of an ancient factory that used to produce fibers from the New Zealand flax plant during the good old days.

Trail Fork

Continuing further uphill, you will reach a fork. At the fork, Japanese cedar wood is your turning point towards the right, as it points you in the direction of a Levada (an irrigation channel) on which your trail proceeds.

Trail Flora

At this point, you get to experience and enjoy by observing beautiful flora, such as Azorean Blueberry and Azorean Heather, among others.

Trail Dam

Further on, when you reach the end of the dam, marks the beginning of the Ribeira de Praia valley. An open area surrounded by big slopes consists of several points for water abstraction.

Trail Valley

Further down the valley, at the lank bank, you will encounter a colony of seagulls, provided you visit the trail during the nesting season that happens during the months of April and May. If you happen to be there during this season, it is recommended that you walk around the region with caution.

Trail Views

On your way back, take advantage of the magnificent view of the South Coastal region of the island along with the Islet of Vila Franca.

Trail Lagoon

Take a dip in the waters of this magnificent lagoon and have a great happy ending!


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