Sete Ciacades Hiking

For those looking to experience a pleasant walk with a speculator and picturesque view, this hike spanning an extension of 11.8 kilometers, these three hours long or so the trail is the perfect match.

Trail Entrance

The trail commences at the road near the Mata do Canario, which is also the parking spot for vehicles. The walk begins at the asphalt road which is adjacent to an old stone aqueduct.

In about 1 kilometer into the walk, the Cryptomeria trees and other vegetations provide a great welcome.

Trail Climb

Further ahead, the cemented path with a steep upward ascend, in about 500 meters, leads you to the crater’s northern edge surrounding Lagoa de Azul (Blue Lagoon).

Trail Panorama

Further up, it is worthwhile to take a pause and enjoy the panoramic view of central and eastern Sao Miguel and the northern and southern seacoasts. In about 800 meters from here, you will get to encounter some indigenous flora on the left of the pathway.

Trail NAV

Proceeding further ahead, keep an eye out for a concrete structure with “NAV” engraved on it. The sign is not only an indication for you have made to the pathway’s top but also a conventional radio communication system.

In addition, this technology marks the end of the cemented road and the beginning of a dirt road.

Pico da Cruz

A couple of meters ahead marks the 850 meters altitude of Pico da Cruz, which is also the trail’s highest part. Once you have reached this elevated point, enjoy the picturesque Caldeira das Sete Cidades, with the Atlantic Ocean in its background.

Trail Decent

While descending from here, keep to your left. In about 4.5 kilometers, you will come across a belvedere. Rest and replenish your body along with an impressive view of Lagoa Verde, Lagoa Azul and the village of Sete Cidades.

Vista do Rei

In about 3.5 kilometers, you will hit an intersection with the Vista do Rei trail. From here, take a left at Arrebentos towards the village leading towards Lagoa Azul.

Park Store

You will come across a Store of the Park of Lagoa of Sete Cidades.

Saint Nicholas Church

Going further, you take two rights, and the trail ends a few meters at the 18th-century church of Saint Nicholas.


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