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Why Buy Las Palmas Condos in Playas del Coco: HOA Fees, Map

There are 50+ condo developments located within the Las Palmas neighborhood in Costa Rica that all come with pools and standard amenities. No matter where you buy here, the beach is never more than a few blocks away.

Budget Friendly

One of the main advantages to buying in Las Palmas is the cost which starts around $50,000 for a studio apartment and around $100-$120K for a two-bedroom.

With HOA fees going as low as $100-$200 per month and Costa Rica property tax only being 0.25% of the appraised value, you can live pretty cheap here year-round.

Rental Income

Should you want to build a passive income from your condo in Costa Rica, Las Palmas is one of the most well-rented developments in the Papagayo region. Many people look for long-term rentals here due to its favorable location and proximity to the beach.

During the high season, you can also charge premium rates for nightly or weekly rentals due to a lack of inventory in more high-end developments.


The location of Las Palmas being so close to the beach and a short jaunt from town makes it ideal, and the convenient plazas located at the entrance are simply icing on your cake.


The condos in Las Palmas are far enough from the main strip in Coco that you won’t have to deal with any nightlife noise, but can easily walk there when you need to.

The beach is literally across to the road from the Las Palmas entrance and depending on where you choose to live within Las Palmas, it’s never more than a few blocks away.


At times, there’s no need to go into town, as there’s are shopping plazas on both sides of the Las Palmas entrance. Here, you have easy access to a small supermarket, several restaurants, and bars, as well as a hair salon, a bakery, and a couple of cafes.

Walking to the center of town from Las Palmas will only take you 10-15 minutes. When going to and from the airport, Daniel Oduber International (LIR) is only a 30-minute drive away, while the San Rafael Arcangel Hospital in Liberia is but a 40-minute drive.


You’ll never miss water when buying or renting in Las Palmas as each development has a least one pool, while others have two or more.  Many of them have unique shapes and sizes that add to the design, and you’ll generally always find a shallow section for kids.


While not the bubbly hot tubs of movie fame, you normally see a small round sitting near each pool, which is equivalent to the Costa Rica Jacuzzi. They are usually to the pool or just a few feet from them, so they’re quite hard to miss.

Rent Central

If you’re looking to produce rental income from your Las Palmas condo, there are three property management companies right at the front entrance, along with a few more real estate companies. Besides Pacifico, no other development in Playas del Coco has a higher rate of rentals and sales.

Fiber Optic Internet

Every development in Las Palmas was pre-wired during construction, so no matter where you buy or rent, the cabling with already be installed.


Each development in Las Palmas has its own parking area that can be used by both residents and guests. Street parking is also available when lots are full.

Pet Friendly

Many buyers love the fact that most developments in Las Palmas are pet-friendly and you’ll see a fair share of dog walkers heading to the beach at sunset. With sidewalks throughout the neighborhood, it’s a nice place for a morning or an evening walk too.

BBQ Area

All development also have a rancho or gazebo style BBQ area which is usually near the pool and close to the laundry room. Outdoor tables and chairs can be found nearby.

Laundry Facilities

Generally, located next to the pool and BBQ area, you’ll find a laundry room. Some developments have them free of charge, while others include the associated costs in your HOA fees.

There’s usually at least one washer, and one dryer in the condo’s facilities, but some condos with the development might also have a stacked washer/dryer combo inside.

Gated Access

This is not common in Las Palmas, but if you’re in an upscale development like Coco Sunset Hills it will be a fully gated community, while other smaller developments have little gates which are more of a visual deterrent than a true security feature.

Security Guards

You see guards posted at Pueblecito North and South where the entrance to Las Palmas is, but the roving Mapache guards are no longer around. The developments that do have night guards, generally also have higher HOA fees.

HOA Fees

Each development in Las Palmas also has its own HOA representative, so the fees vary across the board. The bigger the pool and community facilities, the higher their level of security, the more the HOA fees are.

Generally though, they’ll run between $100 -$200 per month with some more high-end units in Coco Sunset hills ranging from $250-350/mo.

DevelopmentBedroomsHOA Fees
Jade Beach1$80
Las Torres1$100
Jade Beach B2$130
Sea Bird2$140
Coco Sunset Hills1$197
Coco Sunset Hills2$262
Coco Sunset Hills2+$328
Las Palmas Condo Community HOA Fees


Below you’ll find a detailed map of Las Palmas, Playa del Coco, Costa Rica which starts with two shopping plazas and the north and south of the main entrance. Here you’ll find numerous restaurants and cafes, along with a gym, a dental clinic, and a mini supermarket.

Inside the Las Palmas retirement community there are over 50 different condo developments, including the luxurious Coco Sunset Hills, as well as, numerous Real Estate agencies, and property rental/management companies. At the far end, and on the beach, you’ll find Cafe de Playa, whose outdoor patio offer wonderful views of the sunset.