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Best Areas to Buy Property in Istanbul: Elite, Luxury, Cheap

See the best places to live in Istanbul from the top neighborhoods, districts, suburbs, and luxurious residential areas where the elite live. Below you’ll find our guide to all the perfect locations with unique aspects for you and your family when buying houses, apartments, and properties in Istanbul.


If you want a yacht-style living, try Istinye or Yakuplu, or simply affordable high-class, try Atakoy. If you’re looking to find an affordable place near a lake then check out Bahcesehir and Basaksehir. If you want something more affordable near the Marmara Sea, then Buyukcekmece and Kucukcekmece should be on your list.

If you have children in university, then being Beykent in the Beylikduzu district might be of interest to you.

If you want to be close to the city center, have a look at properties in Bomonti or Beyoglu. If you’re looking for office work, then Media Highway on the Basin Express could be for you.


Famously known as the garden city or the amazing city, Bahcesehir is strategically located near Lake Kucukcekmece. The Turkish Prime Ministry, through the construction of a series of leading real estate projects, saw the opening of this neighborhood.

The district is famous for its numerous luxurious residential houses, with executive amenities in safety, social, educational, and health facilities. It boasts of modern high-end shopping, offices, and commercial complexes.

If you are interested in investing in the real estate industry, this would be a good place to put your money. The district is witnessing a rise in real estate prices, especially in areas neighboring the lake. It is projected that real estate prices will rise as much as 50 percent, after the completion of the metro line project.

The natural ambiance of the land in Bahcesehir is quite a delight. You’ll find small hills and valleys spread across the green land, which makes for beautiful and elegant scenery. Here you’ll find outlet malls like the Akbati Shopping Center that offer the most luxurious international and local brands.

Bahcesehir is popular for world-class markets, cafes and restaurants, cinemas, and a vibrant day and nightlife. Should you choose to live here you’ll be in a world-class neighborhood, that’s for sure. For visitors enjoy your trip!


Atakoy forms part of the Bakirkoy district in Istanbul, Turkey. It was constructed as a satellite-city project sample in the country. It is a city made up of affordable housing for middle-income people in the province.

The project includes 12,000 apartments and several hotels. In this district, there are beaches, clubs, shopping malls, a cultural center, and several sporting facilities. The area is a peaceful vicinity and has wide green areas for relaxation. In case you are looking for an affordable apartment to settle in Istanbul, then this is a good option for you.


This is one of the finest neighborhoods in Istanbul, it is found along the European side of the city within the district of Sariyer, and among the finest seashore locations in the Sariyer district.

Over the weekends, people love to stroll along the streets in Istinye site seeing and visiting the incredible cafés and seafood restaurants. There is a small bay in Istinye which is one of the things that attracts people to this town.

Now, due to its proximity to one of Istanbul’s newest and biggest shopping malls, Istinye Park, people are moving to the area, because of the convenience it brings.

Istinye Park targets high-end consumer groups. It is famous for its dedication to the world’s popular fashion brands. Housing in this neighborhood is quite affordable. If this is the place you choose to settle, you should find unique architecture that will please you here.


Yakuplu is famous for its west Istanbul marina – a world-class yacht facility. This has subsequently facilitated the rapid growth rate of the area.

Today, wealthy professionals and elites are attracted to classy cafes, restaurants, picnic areas, and sporting facilities. The clean city beach is also a key factor as to why people are attracted to this district.

Yakuplu boasts of one of the most excellent transport infrastructures in Istanbul and is perfect linking to the city center. You’ll find this to be a perfect place for many young wealthy families.

The rising number of housing facilities coming up in Yakuplu which targets young families is one of the reasons why you should consider moving here. These facilities are designed to provide convenience as well as luxury to the owners who live here. See an example of such housing projects.

Security in Yakuplu is top-notch, and you shall be assured of world-class security while living in the area. Rest assured that you and your family are safe in Yakuplu!


For families who fancy city life, but shy off due to crazy city prices, Bomonti properties seek to solve your issue. It is located just 25 minutes from the luxury shopping paradise, Nisantasi yet properties here go for almost a third of the price.

This swanky neighborhood has witnessed a rapid development from its former slummy state to its current. This explains why most middle-class Turks are moving here now.

The neighborhood is known for hosting numerous family businesses and classic coffee houses. Old industrial buildings in the area are being repurposed and new businesses are being set up. This creates vibrancy in the society and jobs for some locals an example being the Bomonti brewery.

Its proximity to central Istanbul is a key factor why people are attracted to live here, the most charming thing here is how reasonably properties sell. It is an excellent option if you are on a budget while finding a place to settle with your family.

Bagdat Avenue

This town is located on the Asian side of the city. The upper-crust of Turks have their homes around the area. Life here is on the higher side. Wealthy families tend to enjoy residing in this area due to its amazing views over the Bosphorus.

The infrastructure here is top-notch. You should find modern schools, world-class health facilities, and social amenities. It is projected that many expert families will to move Bagdat Avenue upon the completion of Atasehir Financial Centre.

This financial center is expected to house financial companies from all over the globe and institutions of all kinds of endeavors. This subsequently shall create thousands of jobs which will attract so many experts. If you are seeking a residential area where you will enjoy the convenience of getting to work and access to high-quality city living, then Bagdat Avenue is a place to check out.


Basaksehir is famous for its world-class services and modern infrastructure. You shall find numerous high-rise complexes and elegant towers around the area. For elites who travel frequently, this place is worth your consideration as it neighbors the airport and it has metro stations that connect the city with major destinations within Istanbul

Estate experts have classified the area as being; among the best areas in Istanbul to buy an apartment. Being the new Istanbul center, why not!

The tranquility and serenity of the area especially created by its proximity to a large lake create a peaceful environment, which in turn attracts most people. The largest botanical park in the whole of Europe is found in the area.

Education and health facilities here are international standards-compliant. A modern medical city has been established in the city. This has greatly impacted positively towards its growth as people enjoy the feeling of health security.

Foreign investors especially the Arabs have seen the creation of master projects such as the largest Basaksehir Square project. Such projects create jobs and attract people. This kind of development in an area creates confidence in its growth to investors and potential residents.

This explains the sudden rise of apartment prices in this neighborhood.


This area is located at least 23km from the city center. It is a seaside working-class town along the shores of sea Marmara. The town is built around Kucukcekmece Lake. For families intending to settle outside the busy city center, this is the most ideal place to find a home for your family especially if you are on a budget.

Since the place is still developing, you can acquire property as the prices are still on the reasonable side. This means in case you need to buy land, or a house, it is your ideal moment to seize this chance.

Due to the influx of families moving to the area development has rapidly been on the rise. New schools have been established and housing projects have been on an all-time rise. To ensure a steady supply of necessities shopping malls like the Arena Park, Historia, and the ArmoniPark Outlet Center have emerged that were not there before.

You have to note though that this is not an ideal place for people looking for high-end and luxurious living, at least not for now! But if you look to invest this can be ideal for you.


Beyoglu is one of the biggest districts in Istanbul. It is largely known for its cosmopolitan city living conditions. Here you’ll find traces of European architecture as old as 100 years.

Among the famously known iconic sights of Beyoglu is the famous Galata Tower and Taksim Square. The square is iconic as it is the meeting place for most social events. It can hold parades, concerts, or even the New Year’s Eve countdown which is quite fun. Notable also is that this is the square where people gather for political protests.

The Galata and Asmalimescit neighborhoods are very lively and good for residency with their stand-out architecture. The streets here are quite lively and the atmosphere is fresh and cool. So if you fancy old architecture or antique buildings Beyoglu should be your place of focus.

Media Highway

Also known as the Basin Express, this region is prestigiously located within the classiest areas of Istanbul. Due to the rapid growth in the real estate market, the area has witnessed a radical growth in development. In its strategy to create a Greater Istanbul Municipality, this area has been given top priority by the government. Subsequently, investors have followed.

To its dwellers, it presents convenience since it’s within the city. For expert families, this is one option to consider as it means easy access to office blocks and excellent access to top-notch social and economic amenities.

This new district within the city has seen multi-billions being pumped in for its improvement. As a result, new top schools have been built, health facilities such as modern hospitals and an elaborate transport system have been established in the area.

With an established express highway, several financial centers, service facilities, and entertainment spots most people have moved to the area to enjoy these developments. The availability of residential complexes and dozens of hotels further creates a convenient environment for the business elites and the upper-middle-class Turks.

The construction of the metro line in the area will further market Media Highway to more people as this will see traveling around the city made quite easy. The region is also quite close to Istanbul’s new airport.


This is an old town located in the Beylikduzu district. Property around this area is currently in high demand as most middle-class Turks would love to move here. This neighborhood was developed by the municipality and it is ideal for families. The incredibly safe conditions and pleasant compounds play a big role in attracting its dwellers.

The Beykent University located within the area makes it ideal for families with college-going children. This is because of the convenience it brings in terms of easy access to the facility.

Being a well-organized neighborhood, it has plenty to offer, such as; access to health facilities, schools, and several other social amenities.

Restaurants such as the famous Starbucks have established their branches here, two branches! Such happenings further endorse the area to the world as a prospective fast-growing neighborhood and an elegant residential area.

The highly revamped beaches, which are a walking distance from the town centers, make this a target residence for wealthy families. The seaside is full of life and activities like swimming, beach football, shallow water surfing, etc. The restaurants and cafes on the beachside are amazing; locals here enjoy seafood and a variety of exotic nice meals.

Development in the area is controlled. This assures you of your view of the ocean and the local lake. You won’t have to fear that one day your neighbor could erect an apartment, blocking your precious view as a result. This is indeed a place to consider in your quest of finding a place to settle.


This neighborhood is located on the European seaside of Istanbul along the Marmara coast. It is made up of an industrial rural setting as well as suburban residential areas.

Now, due to its proximity to the sea, it is attracting the working-class community as they seek some fresh air and seashore life. These give them a little break from the busy city center! Taking a stroll around the neighborhood is like being on a beach holiday. Very relaxing indeed.

During the weekends, you won’t have to take your family on long trips for fun. Within the town, you will find; playgrounds, restaurants and cafes, shops selling all kinds of goods and products, several gyms if you love working out and cinema complexes for your movie dates and nights. This is ideal and quite convenient for families.

The neighborhood boasts of its proximity to the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. This assures the expert families that live here of easy access to traveling around the Middle East and Europe. It also greatly contributes to the rise in population and the development of Buyukcekmece.


Beylikduzu is a district within the European suburbs of Istanbul. It is located north of the Sea of Marmara.

The district is famous for its modern buildings and huge towers. It has attracted investors from the world over. This is due to its rapid growth and elegant designs.

Beylikduzu is among the modern parts of Istanbul that keep improving every day.

As a result of this, the district has become more attractive to the upper-middle-class due to the new modern and luxury developments and good infrastructure.

Its closeness to the Istanbul Ataturk Airport has also played a major role in its growth. Most famous shopping malls found in Istanbul are located here thus it is considered a shopping haven.

With neighborhoods such as; Adnan Kahveci, Bariş, Buyukşehir, and Cumhuriyet, this appears to be the future residence of many upper-middle-class Istanbul residents. It can be an ideal district for you to live in. You’ll enjoy elegant living and excellent economic opportunities just within the district


If you fancy magnificence and natural ambiance, then this is the place for you. It is among the greenest places in Istanbul.

With the establishment of big real estate projects, the improvement of infrastructure, and the new transportation projects established here, rapid growth in the development of the area has been witnessed.

Due to its centrality, Kagithane gives easy access to all areas of Istanbul to its dwellers.

That’s why it is easy to find modern Turkish architecture in Kagithane. The reason being this is that; it is quite a prospective place to have your commercial projects. The area is quiet, calm, and rich with high-quality facilities and services, which include hospitals, schools, and sporting parks.

You will also find some buildings and houses near the natural, public and private parks. It is among the best residential areas in Istanbul.


Being close to Kucukcekmece Lake, this area has witnessed high growth in interest from investors. Innovative technology here is being utilized to create a modern neighborhood that meets world-class standards, creating one of the best residential areas in Istanbul.

Due to its proximity to Istanbul’s new airport and the Canal project the area is receiving great interest from investors as well as the government. Prestigious universities have been established in the area, such as the University of Sabahattin Zaim which has resulted in the growth in the number of college students.

The availability of shopping centers makes the place habitable and quite attractive to live, because of the convenience it presents. Halkali boasts of several shopping centers such as the Arena Park center, the Halkalicenter, and the famous Trendyol centers. This is indeed a place you should check out.

Asian Side

For the elite, this is the best place for accommodation in Istanbul! Indeed, this is a bold statement but completely one that you can take to the bank.

This part of Istanbul is among the leafy ones in the region. Facilities and services here are world-class. Compared to the European side, this region is calm and elegant.

If you seek tranquility and comfort at your place of residence then this should be on your to check our list. Elite Asian investors and owners prefer to stay in this region due to such factors. Modern infrastructure is the mantra in this area. Highly dependable transportation systems, world-class schools, modern hospitals, and numerous luxury shopping malls make this area quite a priority to many elites.