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Tenerife Nightlife

Tenerife is a charming island of the Canaries and nightlife in Tenerife is intense.

The popular Casino Taoro in Puerto de la Cruz has a history of more than 100 years. Holidaymakers may find variety of Irish pubs, Live jazz and reggae bands bars at the resorts of Tenerife.

As for nightlife in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, most discotheques and pubs are located in the Marina park. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also famous for its lively carnival seasons especially in February and March.

As for nightlife in Puerto de la Cruz; holidaymakers may also find variety of good restaurants, shops, boutiques, clubs, bars and British pubs.

As for the Tenerife carnivals; they are one of the best known in the world and Tenerife Carnivals are also the best after those of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The Tenerife Carnival goes for 27 days take place during February and all the islanders gather together during these annual festivities.

The main celebrations and festivities take place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Whoever visits Tenerife during February should not miss the vibrant and bustling celebrations on Tenerife Carnival.