Camlica Hill

Camlica Hill was named after the surrounding pine trees. Our tourist map shows what you can see and do from cafes to picnic areas and panoramic views of Istanbul.

Originally it was seen as a pine forest with two separate hills. Now they are merged into one park with a big hill (bukuk camlica) and a small hill (kukuk camlica) offering differing views.

Tourist Map of Camlica Hill

The nearest Metro station is Kisikli (M5) and no matter what you’re looking in and around Camlica Hill, we got you covered. You’ll find hilltop restaurants and cafes, parking and WC toilets, as well as nearby mosques and places to eat on our interactive map below.

The History of Camlica Hill

This famous hill managed to thrive through the Byzantines and also the Roman period. During the Ottoman period, Murat IV built the first Summer Palace there and upgraded its spring water system.

Mehmet IV also followed a development by adding a hunting lodge. The hill was then used for training of birds of prey and was given to the heads of the peregrine, hawk and falcon breeders.

After refusing a monument to be built here, the German Emperor ordered a fountain to be built as a gift to the Sultan. The German Fountain can be seen in Sultanhamet Square today.

The pine trees have been said to be growing so densely that no sunlight was able to pass through. That is no longer the case though, as you can see all of Istanbul from atop Camilca now.

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Camlica Hill In Recent Times

Today, you can find several kiosks offering traditional foods like corn on the cob, Gozleme or ice cream. People often visit the restaurants, coffee and tea shops in the area that are run by the Municipality of Istanbul.

Camlica Hill

The Attraction of Camlica Hill

With its magnificent trees, bird watchers find this to be the ultimate paradise, particularly around September or in the springtime.

With the outstanding flowers on display, including tulips; many find this the ideal place to enjoy a picnic. Whether they are local or foreign visitors, you will see many people enjoying a barbeque on the hills.

This place is such a wonderful display of magnificent beauty, that many literary figures from past and present use this in their poems and stories. This further show how truly remarkable it is and how it has been in the past.

Big Hill / Small Hill

All visitor can enter both sections of the hill, the big and little parts. Both offer a unique scenic viewpoint and their own reflection of Istanbul.

Camlica Hill

Bűyűk Çamlica

This is also known as the big hill and offers a complete panorama view of Istanbul from the Asian side. At 267 meters high, it is also one of the highest points in the city.

You are able to see in all directions across Istanbul and to the south, you can view the Sea of Mamara. From up here, you can see just how the big city is as you compare it to the glorious suspension bridges spanning the Bosphorus strait.

Kücük Çamlica

At 228 meters in height, Kücük is known as the small hill with large views. From the top, you can also see the delicate and extravagant details in the designs of Ottoman architecture within Istanbul. Some of the things to look out for are The Sofa, Cihannűma, and the Su Pavilion.