Arab Mosque in Galata

Arab Mosque is a lovely Gothic style mosque located on Kalyon street in the Galata neighborhood of the Beyoglu district of Istanbul. According to some of the legends, the mosque was built by the Arabs during the siege of Istanbul.

In addition, the presence of a church Mesa Domeniko that is situated on the current foundation of the mosque during the Byzantine period, later was converted into a mosque after the conquest of Istanbul by Sultan Mehmet II and was called the Galata Mosque.

Arab Mosque in Galata

Later on, when the Andalusian Arabs had been expulsed from Spain into Istanbul in 1492, settled around the mosque, it was called Arab Mosque.

This mosque was built on a rectangular plan in Gothic style architecture. And the minaret is beautiful that rises on the site of the bell tower of the old church. It is the one mosque that doesn’t look like a mosque in Istanbul.

Arab Mosque in Galata


The mosque is situated at the Kalyon Street in Galata.

Address: Kalyon Str. No:1, T√ľnel – Galata

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