Historical Flower (Cicek) Passage (Cite de Pera) in Istiklal Avenue

Flower Passage is the historical passage in the middle of Istiklal Avenue, right across the Galatasaray University that where the visitors may enjoy the lively atmosphere of its lively restaurants. 

The passage is also another great nightlife center of Istanbul.

History of the Flower Passage dates back to 1870s. During that era, Sultan Abdulhamit and Sultan Abdulaziz were coming to that area to watch the famous Naum Theatre.
The Naum Theatre was one of the leading cultural centers in Europe for its Italian opera scenes.

After the big Beyoglu fire on 1870, the Naum Theatre also collapsed and a new buildings has built on the area. Later on, the Greek banker Hristaki Zografos have bought the area of the building in 1876 and made the Italian architect to built a new building with a bazaar and apartments in it. The entrance of the building were arranged as Paris style with 24 shops and 18 luxury apartments over them. The passage formed by the shops was called as Hristaki Passage and the complete building was called as Cita de Pera.

Historical Flower (Cicek) Passage (Cite de Pera) in Istiklal Avenue

In 1908, the ownership of the building have passed to Sali Pasha and called as Sait Pasa Passage and during the years of 1940s, the passage have become the place of small flower shops. The Russian women, baronesses and duchesses escaping from the October revolution have also sold flowers here. Later on, all the flower shops in Beyoglu gathered here and the building was called as Flower Passage.

After the 1940s, beer houses and meyhanes have settled into the building and than the flower shops had to leave the building and moved to somewhere else. Later on, only the name “Flower” left on the name of the building, no flower shops.

After the restoration works in 1988 and 2005, the building again served as nightlife center as meyhane. With its great architecture, Flower Passage is a great place for the ones who want to spend a lively night in Istanbul.

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Flower Passage – Beyoglu, Istanbul
Address: Istiklal Avenue Saitpasa Passage 176/6 Galatasaray, Beyoglu, Istanbul