Marmaris Sightseeing

Marmaris is famous for it’s picturesque panormas of a blue water bay filled with sailboats, yachts and pirate ships. The city sunsets have dramatically contrasting mountain backdrops that are photo-perfection.

The Marmaris castle and beaches also make for great image locations that can easily turn you into an Instagram travel photography star.

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With mountains all around and an open sea in front, there’s are vantage points everwhere you look to take panoramic photos in Marmaris. Those which include the harbor marina and sunsets makes the best wallpaper pictures.


There is never a more perfect time for taking photos than when the sun sets in Marmaris. As the light dips below the moutainous horizontal the sky simply explodes into such bright colors, it’s almost like heaven above is celebrating Holi.

Blue Water Bays

The sheltered bays and bright blue waters of Marmaris make wonderful contrasts against the sandy beaches and green trees mountainous backdrops. The colors found here can almost fill a rainbow.

Harbor Marina

It only goes without say that the focus point of tourism is Marmaris is centered around the marina. You can barely take a panoramic photo without the harbor boats being in the center of it all. Sails permeate the skyline and there’s all kinds of shapes and sizes from little sailboat to private yachts and pirate ships.

Pirate Ships

If yer thinkin’ this be a tourist trap to rob ye’ of yer gold, you’re no landlubber fool. The pirate ships in Marmaris are so tourist friendly, you want go plundering on each and every one of them. From vikings, to Norse gods and Medussa herself, the theme ships are a Disney-like marvel and must-do attraction for photo lovers.


You don’t have be a sailor to appreciate the views of sailboats in Marmaris. The postcard-pictures will simply unfold before your eyes as you lazily sit on the beach. If you feel like venturing out, the a blue sky day or semi-cloudy sunset evening are your best bet to Instagram heaven.


The Marmaris castle is believed to have been build in 1044 BC and has fell into the hands of every conquering emperor from Alexander the Great to Suleyman the Magnificent. Needless to say this royal holiday home in yours explore and take photos of in delight.


When tourists are not out on water, they are still very close to it as the beaches in Marmaris are full up all day long. As the evening rolls around people gather once to sit and watch the picturesque sunsets with cameras flickering till dusk finally settles.

Luxury Hotels

In an attempt to not to be outdone by history, the newer luxury hotels in Marmaris offer high-end amenities that castle walls can’t compete with. The pools all face the sea and no open-space is left without palm trees.