Jardín de Cactus

The Jardín de Cactus (Cactus Garden) is located between the villages of Guatiza and Mala on the north side of Costa Teguise. It’s open year-round and being that the garden is also the last landscape monument of Cesar Manrique, it’s popular for both tourists and locals alike.

Garden Species

There is in fact, only one major plant family to see in this unique botanical garden, but its Cactaceae diversity will greatly surprise you.

In total, there are over 10,000 Cactaceae varieties found in the garden which are derived from over 1000 different species of cacti. Yeah, that’s a lot of prickly things.

Garden Cacti

Upon entering the garden, it quickly becomes apparent that you are indeed in the land of spikes, oblong shapes, as well as many other blooming succulent fruits.

The sizes of the cactus plants vary widely, with a myriad of different colors and different textures. Some are bristly while others appear more furry in texture.

Although often thought of as ugly plants due there is hidden beauty on display in the Jardín de Cactus that is hard to ignore. If you’re arriving in springtime, don’t be surprised when you see many cacti blooming flowers as they are not always as prickly as they appear to be.

Garden Restaurant

For those who decide to visit there is also a garden terrace cactus bar, which serves a great variety of food from paninis to tapas. You can also try the infamous prickly pear cactus burger if you dare!

Souvenir Shop

Should you wish to take a home a little souvenir, just visit the shop by the entrance on your way out.

Garden Video

Garden Map

Garden Details

Address: located between Guatiza and Mala

Tel: +34 928 52 93 97

Open Daily: 10.00 – 17.45

Admission: €5 adults, €2.50 children