Sea Trek Tour

Sea Trek tours uses a specially designed helmet that allows you to explore ocean floor without diver training or the need to remove prescription glasses.

The tour is highly interactive and packed full of marine education for both children and adults.

The Dive Suit

The Sea Trek dive suit is reminiscent of the top half of a spacesuit designed for astronauts heading to the moon.

With this type of strap-on helmet, you can easily breathe underwater without all the PADI diver training. In essence, it’s a zero-gravity walk on the ocean floor among all of the unique sea life and reef systems.

If you don’t know how to swim, you can still dive, but be sure to let the staff know so they can offer extra help along the way.

The Moonwalk

After a safety briefing and a little marine education, everyone will strap into their suit and get ready for the plunge.

As you climb down the ladder down you will most likely feel a pressure change making your ears pop a little.

The staff will go down in front of you and then guide you down to the ocean floor.

Once at the bottom you’ll be free to explore within a safe range of the staff. As you can imagine, walking in water at the bottom of the ocean is akin to walking on the moon.

Everything will happen in slow motion at first, but your smile will appear quickly. It’s hard to fathom the feeling of taking a stroll underwater and being able to touch everything near you.

The Under and Overview

The Sea Trek tour is very safe but isn’t as full on as the other underwater activities. It’s a good starting point for those interested in scuba diving but with little to no underwater experience.

It’s also really something you have to experience first-hand. For a slow walk, you’d be surprised as you feel your adrenaline surge as you feel yourself moving and breathing underwater just like Aquaman!

While it may seem calm, this tour gets a large number of repeat visitors, as it’s a unique experience and allows anyone and everyone to enjoy life under ‘da sea!

Visitor Info

Glasses and contacts can be worn underwater as you’ll be in fully sealed dive helmet and reaching a maximum depth of six meters. You’ll only need to walk and breathe, although custom tours are also available for those with mobility issues. Medical certificates may also required for those with severe disabilities.

Anyone can do this tour regardless of their underwater experience or lack thereof. You’ll need a swimsuit and towel for this tour though as you be underwater and will want to dry off.

Video Tour

Tour Duration

You’ll be underwater for approximately 30 minutes, but plan on spending at least 45-60 minutues to include dive preparations.

Tour Requirements

Children must be at least eight years old to do this activity, but it is not necessary to know how to swim.

Tour Pricing

The cost for individual tours is 60 € per person, but custom packages for those with mobility impairments are much more expensive and avaialble on request.

Photos and video of the tour are also available via USB purchase for an extra 25 €


The Sea Trek tour takes place at Playa del Jablillo in Costa Teguise. The dive office however is across the street.

Contact Details

Native Diving Lanzarote
Avenida del Jablillo, nº 1, Hotel Grand Teguise Playa
35508, Costa Teguise, Lanzarote
Phone: +34 627 839 208

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