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Lanzarote Golf Resort

Designed by Ron Kirby this course is perfect for both beginners and advanced golfers alike and is one of the most efficiently run courses in Lanzarote.

With palm trees, lush greens, and amazing biodiversity, you will definitely experience a great range of holes and obstacles if you play here. From gullies and undulating hills, you will bear witness to the idyllic scenery that Lanzarote has to offer, as well as experience the nice warm weather, which occurs all year round, and averages at a pleasant 24 degrees.

The course here is great fun for those who have a high handicap, as there are wide fairways, but it can also be challenging in places, even for those who are advanced as there are some uphill drives as well as a hidden lake. Also, the course is built around volcanic rocks, so be sure to avoid the black stuff!

The biodiversity is something that the Lanzarote Golf Resort is proud to highlight, as there is a diverse range of species that occupy parts of the course and the surrounding landscape.

There are plenty of birds that visit the island and the Lanzarote Golf Resort at numerous times of the year, including black Redstars, Apisters, and medlos Warblers, as well as many other bird species, with approximately 70 in total.

There are also many mammals present such as the north African hedgehog, the European Bunny rabbit, and wild mice, and there are even some reptiles such as the Atlantic Lizard and the Moorish Gecko.

The flora is no less diverse as there are numerous trees such as spineless Yuccas, date palms, and many other palm trees. Overall there are at least 48 species of plants, situated on or near the golf course and the Lanzarote Golf Resort monitor these, to keep track of the local biodiversity.

Because of their major respect for the environment, the staff at Lanzarote Golf Resort only use sustainable practices when it comes to maintaining the course greens and driveways. They use electric buggies, which are quieter, and emit far less CO2 than older models and they also pride themselves on spraying no pesticides and herbicides on the course, in an attempt to do all that is necessary to protect the biodiversity and wildlife in the area.

After you have finished on the course, why not go and grab a bite to eat at the Club House Restaurant Hoyo 19, where you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the view of the Atlantic.