Hiking to Puerto Calero

When staying in Puerto del Carmen you will undoubtedly need to burn off some of that fat from all the delicious tapas and paella you have eaten on your vacation in Lanzarote.

This brilliant walk which stretches along the cliff tops will imprint memories of the stunning Atlantic Ocean and will give you a glimpse of the local culture in these Lanzarote seaside towns.

There are two main routes you can take to reach Puerto Calero and we’ll go through these below:

-Puerta del Carmen to Puerto Calero
Starting at Puerta del Carmen, the walk to Puerto Calero is about 6.5 miles. During the walk, you will be surrounded by the rugged terrain of the coastline, and you should also be able to see volcanos off in the distance. Be sure to wear good footwear as the path can be quite rocky!

When reaching Puerto Calero there is an upmarket arena, and here you can catch a ferry taxi, back to Puerta del Carmen, which takes 15 to 20 minutes.

-Playa Quemada to Puerto Calera
Alternatively, another route towards Puerto Calero, is to travel from Playa Quemada on the western side.

When you take this route you can see the Los Ajaches volcanic mountains in the land.

Again be sure to watch out for rocks and boulders and where hiking boots if possible!

When you travel from Playa Quemada to Puerto Calero, you can keep traveling the entire distance towards and Puerto del Carmen, which is about 9 miles. Or you could simply hop on the ferry when reaching Puerto Calero, and cruise the rest of the way to Puerta del Carmen!