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Casa Jose Saramago

The Portuguese artist Jose Saramango was a Nobel prize winner in literature with works that resemble allegories. His prized writings have had monumental impacts on fans of his from all over the world.

Museum Ambiance

Uopn entering his beautifully kept home, you can immediately get a sense of how ordered and structured his mind was and how the man seemed to obsessively take great care of everything he owned.

For those who have read his books and desire to imagine how he lived his life or where his characters were born, this is undoubtedly a splendid treat.

Museum Attractions

Known as a house made of books, it’s truly an incredible space, where you can also see many paintings from numerous artists and really enjoy the simplicity of the house.

As you look around the library you may see works of poetry and on the many walls, you will see art that has simply been slot into amazing places. Jose’s attention to detail was clearly astounding.

Museum Guides

The extremely knowledgeable guide gives thorough details the Jose’s habits, and his political influences. You can even listen to audio tracks which further explain many other details of Jose Saramago’s life.

Museum Food

Enjoy a cup of coffee out in the beautiful garden and experience the atmosphere which simply exudes freedom.