Dolphin Sunset Cruise

Is there better way to enjoy a Puerto del Carmen night than with a beautiful sunset cruise to view the friendly and playful dolphins that surround Lobos Island?

Tour Experience

The Departure

An air-conditioned bus will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Marina Puerto del Carmen where your journey begins.

After everyone is on board the fast and roomy jet boat, most quickly reach for their cameras as postcard views of the old town harbor appear as you leave the coastline.

As you head out to Lobos Island, the crew will educate you about the marine life you’re about to see. Whales sightings are possible, but the timing has to be perfect. The main attractions are the playful dolphins and the gorgeous orange and red sunset.

Pleasure Island

Witnessing dolphin behavior in their natural habitat is a sight to behold. As they stick their little noses out of the water and jump to and fro around the boat, you can almost see the smiles on their faces.

One thing that’s quickly obviously is dolphins sure know how to have fun. You’ll hear your fellow travelers laugh, giggle and squeal in delight as they frolic around.

Relax and Enjoy

As the sun starts to set, you’ll wonder if you still have any memory left on your camera. As it falls below the horizon, you realize you’ve gone and left all your cares behind.

Whether you’re sipping champagne or holding on to a loved one, the experience will leave you both breathless and wanting more.

There really isn’t anything else like watching dolphins at play; it will leave you both in wonder and with an ear-to-ear smile. When combined a relaxing sunset, it’s not hard to understand why many people revisit this tour, time and time again.

All Good Things Must End

Once you’ve returned to port, you’ll hear lots of chatter on the shuttle ride back to your hotel. Those who are not looking at their photos or watching videos are usually looking over the shoulders of those who are.

All-in-all: a truly remarkable and memorable day for both children and adults alike.

Tour Times

The return trip takes approximately 2.5 hours with tours starting at 18:00 between April and October, and at 16:00 November through March.

Tour Video